How Christians Should Evangelize


I’ve been following the Answers in Genesis group since I’ve discovered them some time ago. Rather than being the caricature of a creationist that their opponents make them out to be, they offer a unique and insightful view on creationism and how religion and science interact.

One of the reasons I believe they are so successful is because they understand their number one mission is to preach the gospel to those who haven’t heard it. Every article I read has something about our relationship to God and Christ.

Even though I can’t agree with everything they write (since they obviously disagree with tenets of the LDS religion), I do learn a tremendous amount from them.

An Atheist came to visit the Creation Museum and actually had an enjoyable experience. He shared his experience in a letter to the museum, which is shared online here.

Of course, the Atheist put forward a lot of effort to understand and communicate, and didn’t exhibit the characteristics Christians have learned to expect from the same. He was polite, curious, and attentive. Were all Atheists the same, I fear that many more people would listen to what they have to say.

Regardless, this is the perfect example of how sharing the gospel message should be done. The Creation Museum doesn’t hide the fact that they are trying to share the gospel message, and they present it plainly. They welcome all with open arms, and treat others as they expect to be treated. If the Atheist is ever going to become a believer, it is going to be because he felt the same friendship and love that Christ showed us first.


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