A Gang Assembles in your Front Yard…


What would you do if a gang of young men, probably armed and obviously looking for trouble, begin assembling in your front yard? What if they were verbally threatening you and your family?

I am glad I have never been faced with such a problem, nor likely ever will be. However, it is apparent that if any one of them drew a gun, you would obviously have the right to kill as many as you could to protect your life and the lives of your family. One man in New York was faced with such a challenge. (link)

If they began forcing their way in, obviously, because of their numbers, you’d have the right to kill with a gun even if they had no guns and you knew they had no guns.

But what about assembling?

If it’s one man shouting epithets and threats at you from your front yard, obviously he is trespassing. Do you have the right to kill him? Probably not, at least until he pulls out a gun.

If it’s ten men? A hundred? Even if they were already armed and clearly didn’t have guns, could you shoot a gang assembling on your lawn with the intent to kill you and your family before they initiated the violence?

If the answers aren’t obvious, then you need to think of this. If we don’t have the right to protect our own life, we don’t have a right to live. If it means killing to save yourself, then you have the right to kill to protect the right to live.

Luckily, I live in a state and a neighborhood where guns are not rare and are not secret. Any gang caught trying to threaten any of our neighbors would be quickly asked to move along, politely by firmly, by everyone on the street. Perhaps we would be carrying shotguns or rifles, or have our pistols at our sides or under our jackets. There is nothing short of a full-scale military invasion that could ever hope to challenge our authority over our property. Should trouble arise, it is not the lawful homeowners in our neighborhood who would be pleading for their lives.


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