The Inequality of Our Immigration Law


I just got off the phone with a friend. He has a masters and is a software developer / program manager. He wants to start a company with blood, sweat and tears and has some pretty good ideas on ways he could write software that will not only help our economy, but help him make some money as well.

However, the federal government says he is not allowed to do that. It has decided that everyone else in the country is pretty much free to pursue their own businesses, but not people like him.

His crime? He isn’t an American citizen.

As he described to me the loops he has to jump through to get a green card, including staying employed by the same employer for up to five years, I commented that our country really isn’t free. We are turning away people from our country who would come here to make our country better because of our insane immigration policy.

This is the immigration policy we need: If you come here with an intent to participate lawfully, we should welcome you with open arms. If you come here to break our laws, we will hunt you down, punish you according to your crimes, and make sure you are never let back into our country. That’s really all there is to it.

We don’t need a complicated immigration system. While we may want to limit the number of people who become citizens every year, simply because our country could not long stand diluting our political blood with immigrants who don’t understand what freedom is supposed to be all about nor understand what it takes to maintain freedom–we certainly don’t want to limit economic opportunity for ourselves or others.

I think this is a position the vast majority of America agrees with. The only people who may disagree are those people who feel like they cannot compete with the world or that they would lose their jobs if we actually had more economic freedom. I say to those people—grow up! You are no different than the plantation masters from the antebellum people, who thought that their economic security was built on the backs of oppression and slavery—the opposites of freedom.

Real economic freedom means prosperity for all. The southern whites are doing far better economically today without slavery than they ever could’ve hoped for with it.

If America is going to preserve her economic status, it is going to do it in the same way she got her economic status: freedom and liberty for all.


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