Biased, Inconsistent Allegations against Our Troops


There is a push in the international press and even here at home to slander our troops. I am not standing for it. I call shenanigans, and I ask you all to trust your gut on this one, and look back in recent history to see what is about to unfold.

Our troops have been accused of all sorts of crazy things. There is the Haditha killings, for which there are no convictions and for which all charges were dropped even after 8 marines were granted immunity to testify. Back in the Vietnam war, it was John  Kerry accusing out troops of making necklaces with ears and killing civilians indiscriminately—again, with no convictions or evidence except his imagination.

Here’s how the pattern works. First, someone invents a wild claim. Then it is published, and those publishing denounce the US and our troops in the process. Then the military does an investigation, finds that there is absolutely no evidence for the accusation, and dismisses the charges. But the news about the charges being dropped is never reported, and the reports of how guilty the soldiers were are never retracted or corrected.

The news report about the soldier who doesn’t know how to report wrongdoing is particularly stupid and insane. The reason why the soldier doesn’t report it to his superiors is because they aren’t true. If they were, he would’ve been able to secretly report what he knows up the chain of command. The fact he is telling his father and posting on facebook and not reporting to an authority who has actual power to do something proves that he is either incredibly stupid or doesn’t believe the lies he fabricated for himself.

In Korea, the pro-communist elements in South Korea are more than willing to make up stories about how the US troops have raped little girls or slaughtered entire villages. The latest I recall is a Humvee driver who ran over and killed a schoolgirl several years ago. The accusations were that he intentionally targeted the girl to satisfy his bloodlust, when reality was that the girl was pushed into traffic by a friend. That didn’t stop the communist rags in that country to run endless stories about how many Koreans have been murdered, tortured, and raped by the US military under orders of the secret organization that is conspiring to keep the poor under the heels of the rich.

In Japan, the Okinawans are not happy with the US troops. Too often, there are accusations of a soldier raping a woman or engaging in disruptive behavior off base. Sometimes these charges are true, and I guarantee you that the guilty soldier is punished far more severely than they would have been had they been a civilian. But often, the stories are fabrications as well.

Wake me up when there is a conviction. Then I’ll be willing to admit misbehavior on the part of our troops, and I’ll ask for those guilty to be punished to the full extent of the military code.

Until then, passing rumors and allegations off as truth is called lying. Those who do it should be ashamed of themselves, if they have any honor left at all.


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