Why Burning the Koran is Different than Banning Books


Some people throughout history have burned books to be rid of them. Usually, an order is given to burn all copies of a certain book. Governments that give such orders normally have power to search the people’s homes for the contraband. As the books are found, they are burned to destroy them and eliminate their ideas from the public conscience.

I don’t agree that burning the Koran, or any book, is a good idea. But not all books are burned for the same reason.

Those who argue that burning the Koran is wrong because the Nazis did it are not going to win any hearts and minds among those who want to burn the book.

The reason the Florida pastor wanted to burn the book, and likely the reason the vast majority of people who have burned the Koran have burned the Koran, was not to eliminate the Koran and its ideas from the public conscience.

Quite the contrary.

The pastor wanted to burn the Koran to inflame passions, which doesn’t require a sweep and destroy order. The pastor wanted to show that the so-called “Religion of Peace” is anything but in the hands of radical Islamists. He wanted to inflame their passions and show that he will not submit to any of their absurd demands.

Unfortunately, those who think that burning Korans will inflame radical Islamists even more are wasting their time and lighter fluid. See, you don’t have to do much to make the radical Islamist angry. Simply existing is enough to drive them into a murderous rampage. Case in point is what they did to those office workers on 9/11/2001.

Now, fair reader, can you think of a valid, third reason to burn books? Hint: It is a life-or-death situation.


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