To be American is to be Rebellious


If there were ever anything that united Americans, it is the fact that we all have a strong distrust and dislike for organized power.

In times past, we rebelled with organized armies and armed troops. We thought it our duty to not only tell the King of England that his people were no longer welcome across the Atlantic, but that those troops who were here should have a bullet in the chest.

We instituted a government that allows the people to rebel every two years. With a House of Representatives, arguably the strongest body in the federal government, who can be completely replaced in every other year, we, the people, have a way to express or displeasure with the current government, and even elect people who will write bills to completely defund those elements we dislike.

It’s hard to argue that the Tea Party movement is anything but mainstream. The Tea Party movement has thrown down institutions that people thought were impossible to throw down.

The latest example is the case in Delaware. The NRSC, the body of republicans who are focused on electing more republican senators, endorsed and supported a more moderate, traditional candidate. The Tea Party rejected this candidate, and instead, supported a more radical, freedom-loving candidate. The radical won, and has a chance at winning in November.

As more and more establishment candidates are thrown down and replaced with candidates who align with the Tea Party, we will see that party take more and more control of the political debate.

Watching the primary results this year makes people like Glenn Beck almost prescient. The Americans who are voting are voting not for parties but principles. And the Tea Party, which is hardly a party, has solid principles, principles of revolution.

Revolution is a really good thing. It is what keeps government in check. Without allowing the people a chance to overthrow their government, government quickly becomes slavemasters and the people her slaves.

It is a good thing to have people in elected office wondering if the people will tolerate another two years of their politics. It is a good thing to empower the people to overthrow their government in controlled rebellions.

And that’s why America is so great, and why no matte what position we get in, I know eventually the people will set it right.


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