Tea Party: Starfish


How Tea Party Organizes Without Leaders

Hint: Freedom is a really, really good idea.

Double hint: Remember the Christian ideal that all men are equal, that we should treat each other as we would like to be treated? Imagine a whole country full of people who believe in this ideal, and imagine what a political movement would look like. That’s the Tea Party.

Now, triple hint: Why do you think the Tea Party people think the Constitution is a great idea, but not only great, the greatest idea ever for a government? Because it doesn’t need a head to tell people what to do to make it work. It simply needs people to do what they do to make it work.

As I watch history unfold, I wonder if the statists (from all political parties and movements in our country) really understand what is happening. Did the royalists see what would happen before 1776?

If they did, did they think they could just come back in 40 years later and put things back the way they were?

It was a hard lesson for Britain to learn, something that took them a lot more than a hundred years to really understand.

It is this self-organizing ability of the common, average American that makes us the superior nation. That’s why we excel in every field that we put our minds to. That’s why the open source software movement started here, with a guy named Richard Stallman, and it’s why it continues to grow here and spread all over the world.

Freedom, liberty, justice, equality, all of these things, Christian ideals, are critical for a successful nation. It’s time we stopped looking to the government and looked within ourselves, then our families, then our communities to find what we need to solve the problems that face us.


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