State Budget Deficit Getting Worse


Our legislators have sat on the worsening state budget and done nothing. Rather than make intelligent cuts, they wait for the governor to cut the budget across the board.

By doing nothing, Jeannie Darnielle, Tracey Eide, Mark Miloscia, and all the state D’s in office today, have done far worse than they ever said the republicans would do. Right now, the state is not going to give money to help the poor. Is that the kind of charity they preached and promised? Of course not.

Look, we need intelligent people in office. Right now, that’s pretty much anyone with an R after their name, judging by the difference between the two caucuses in the house and senate. The R’s have real plans to cut the budget in ways that won’t hurt, or might actually improve the government. All the while, they will preserve spending on the most vulnerable in the state.

One of the worst thing the D’s have done is promised money they never had. For instance, if you have a state pension, you were promised that there would be money for you in your retirement. Well, guess what? There is no money for you. Those pension plans were merely a piggy bank that the D’s held on to until they really needed it more than you.

Intelligent budgeting at our state level means keeping taxes and spending as low as possible, spending only on things we actually need. It means leaving pensions and retirement plans and health care in the hands of the people, far away from the greedy fingers of legislators. People like Tony Moore, Jon Higley, and other republicans, understand this. When money passes through Olympia, it is never a safe bet.

If you care about the poor, the firefighters, the policemen, or anyone for that matter, you will vote out the current batch of democrats destroying our state through budget mismanagement, and put in people who promise to manage the budget wisely.


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