Dick Muri gets National Recognition


Dick Muri is running a tough race against incumbent Adam Smith, the democrat representative in the 9th congressional district in Washington State.

According to recent polling, he’s pulling in close to Adam Smith, turning what was supposed to be a sure seat for the dems into a possible upset for the republicans.

And now Dick Muri is getting national attention.

It can’t be said enough. Here in the Washington 9th, Adam Smith is running as if he were Reagan’s best friend. In the other Washington, however, he votes to the left of our token ultra-liberal representative to the north, Jim McDermott in Seattle.

Adam Smith must run on his record, and the voters must know what he’s done. Among the worst votes was the very first vote of this session that put Nancy Pelosi in charge of the house. After that, he’s voted lock-step with San Fran’s Nancy every time he got a chance. For the unpopular health care vote, he came out on radio in our area and pretended like he couldn’t decide, when he had already made up his mind to screw the American people to protect his party.

Dick Muri needs your support, now.


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