Why Democrats Want to Cut Taxes All of a Sudden


President Obama’s latest strategy is to propose tax cuts and have the republicans refuse to get on board.

Fascinating. It’s the middle of September, a few weeks before the mid-term elections, and he’s waited until now to propose tax cuts?

What’s interesting about the timing is it comes after a time when primary voters have resoundingly rejected big-spending democrats and republicans alike. The current slate of candidates is overwhelmed by new names and new faces, all of which promise to cut taxes, cut spending, cut regulations, and cut government.

If President Obama were interested in cutting taxes, he would’ve proposed cutting taxes any one of the days he has been in office until now. We know for a fact that if he wants something done, he can twist Pelosi and Reid’s arms to get it done, with and especially without the republican party.

The latest proposal is a mockery of government. It’s designed to make the republicans who actually want to cut taxes look bad by proposing tax cuts with strings attached that make no sense for the common person.

Voters, don’t be fooled. President Obama, the Democratic Party, and those who work with them do not want to see your taxes cut. They do not want to have the most reliable and deep source of income in the history of the world to shrink by even the tiniest of margins. Their goal is to take full control of your pocket book and to let you keep whatever scraps are left, just enough to survive another day of slave labor for the government.

We need one thing now more than every: a government cut. We need it in one or more of the following ways: cutting taxes, cutting spending, and cutting regulations.

This isn’t rocket science. Everyone understands what happens when the government taxes, the government spends, the government regulates, or when the government simply does what it does. The government has done too much of what it does, and we, the people, from the richest to the poorest among us, are suffering.

Vote this November for whoever stands a chance to defeat a sitting democrat at all levels of government. That nice democrat who lives down the street from you and is kind and thoughtful isn’t kind and thoughtful enough to stop the democrat machine that is quickly turning us into slaves and selling our unborn children into slavery. Their agenda must be stopped.

Come 2012, we will have an opportunity to debate whether we want to cut government by a lot more or just a little more when we choose the new slate of republican and democratic candidates.

As of 2010, that debate is over and we must do all we can to see republicans win everywhere. We must not allow ourselves to be enslaves to our government, federal or state.


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