Earmark Ban


Eric Erickson of Red State has hit the nail on the head again.

House republicans have got to learn that what the American people really wants will hurt them very much. It is simply this: sanity.

At a minimum, if the house republicans cannot commit to and fulfill a 100% earmark ban over the next 2 years, a lot of them will be facing yet another round of Tea Party primaries.

Yes, earmarks are a painful thing to leave behind. However, should the republicans make and keep an earmark ban, I guarantee that they will be facing an even larger majority after 2012, and they will find a lot of people in the middle among their stalwarts.

The other things we need are dramatic and lasting cuts to spending; a complete end to entitlement programs that keep the able-bodied at home; the end of government meddling in the free market, especially the health care industry; and an actual effort to actually seal the borders from criminals and thugs.

If the only thing the republicans can do over the next two years is dramatically reduce spending by ending earmarks, cutting taxes across the board, and shutting down government until a sane budget is signed by the president, then you will have my undying and enthusiastic support.

If, on the other hand, the republicans behave like they did from 2000-2006, then I will make sure that whoever rises up to challenge them in the primaries in 2012 will have my support.


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