Racists Beat Up Teen


A group of racists beat up a teen because of his skin color. (link)

Yes, there were white people who enslaved black people, but it was also the white people who freed the black people. Do you remember the Civil War? I hate preachers who teach the black population that the white folk are responsible for slavery while forgetting to mention it was white folk who freed the slaves.

Finally, I want everyone who has preached violence against the white people for the history of slavery to be held accountable for this. You cannot preach hate and incite people to violence and not suffer the consequences for it. Let us, universally, discredit and shout down those who preach violence.


2 Responses to “Racists Beat Up Teen”

  1. demo kid Says:

    I hate preachers who teach the black population that the white folk are responsible for slavery while forgetting to mention it was white folk who freed the slaves.

    I hate preachers that preach that black folks deserve what they got, or that slavery was somehow the best thing that ever happened to them. Not to mention those people that believe that freeing the slaves was enough, and that somehow leaving black folks to be oppressed economically and legally after the Civil War was an exercise in responsibility.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      You really don’t know what happened after the Civil War, do you?

      The Republican Party, after Lincoln died, had a choice. They could moderate their tone and allow the southern states to continue to oppress the blacks, and move towards a gradual reform of society, or they could embrace radicalism and punish any act of aggression towards any member of the black race. They chose the latter, and began a long process of punishing those who used race as a factor to hurt people.

      The Republican Party would’ve been able to complete these reforms had the Westward Expansion not drained so many strong conservative Christians from the Northeast. With their leaving, what was left were the ancestors of the Rockefeller Republicans, those who would rather move along to get along than shake things up. Over time, the worst racists in history, people like Woodrow Wilson, were able to prosper in the Democratic Party and occasionally gain enough power to allow things like the KKK to run free in the South.

      However, the long-term effects of what the republicans did during reconstruction laid the framework for the Civil Rights Act in the 60’s. People knew the formula that had to be followed, they knew how to navigate the constitution to bring justice to all, and the 16th Amendment was there to allow simple majorities in the house and senate enough power to crush racist Democrats in the South.

      Republicans knew back then what we know today. You cannot simply hand someone money and expect them to learn how to change their lives so that they can enjoy the bounties of liberty. No, it takes a long time to help people change to the point where they are truly self-sufficient. During the long haul between Reconstruction and the 60’s, the black people were able to prosper in many instances despite the harsh persecution from their neighbors in the Democratic Party. In some instances, what the blacks had was superior than what the whites had. During this time, the whites began to see the blacks as humans and not as animals, and the almighty dollar convinced many racists to abandon their past and engage in economic relationships with the blacks. The formula laid down by the republicans—keeping government out of the equation by oppressing those who would use government to oppress the blacks, giving the blacks the same rights every white person had, such as speech, bearing arms, education, and voting, and embracing radical positions to do so, were the ingredients for success.

      Granted, all is not well. The Great Society from the Democratic Party is hardly that. Under the welfare programs, there has been an incentive to the black and poor white peoples to engage in behavior that harms their societies and destroys their families. This is not the fault of the republican programs. Republicans are not paying women to divorce their husbands and bear as many children as possible. If you look at the effects of the Democratic Party’s social programs, it can hardly be argued that they helped anyone who received their help. In fact, they can be argued to be the racist’s greatest victory over the black people since the beginning of our country. Combined with Planned Parenthood’s plan for eugenics, or rather, genocide, against the blacks, asian, and latino races, the Democrats may still be under the spell of their racist ancestors and not realize it. That is, the same programs they support today are programs designed to eliminate the “lesser races” from off the face of the earth.

      As for me, I want all to be equal under the law, with none living with their hand sticking out to the government. We can build a fine society ourselves, provided government is not allowed to persecute any of us.

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