Local Muslim Sees Ground Zero Mosque Differently


Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but when that opinion translates into violence, the right to life means we must defend ourselves.

In this case, a local University of Washington student is threatening to build a mosque on our graves. Whether he is unique in his opinion, or whether he represents a large portion of the Muslim population in Washington State and nationally remains to be seen.

Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all people, give ear. I don’t mind when you believe in things different from myself. Worship whatever God you want in whatever way you want. My God demands that I tolerate the beliefs of others.

However, there is a fundamental religion in our country that all who live here must believe in and must accept as universal and inarguable. This is the religion that teaches us that all have rights that come from our Creator, and that these rights include the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Its principles, which are few, are enshrined in our Declaration of Independence.

The moment you begin to act in ways that contradict our right to life and liberty, that’s the moment we begin to pick up arms to defend ourselves. We will kill in the name of life, and we will imprison and enslave in the name of liberty. To do otherwise means we have no right to live and right to liberty.

Yes, this is a threat, the same threat we have made throughout history to all who threaten us first. It is the threat of a threatened American. To act out in self-defense is a universally accepted right, a right which no government can ever supersede or limit.

We do not submit to your moon-God and false prophet who proclaim war instead of peace and blood instead of bread. Your attempts to make us submit only make us angrier. If you radical muslims continue with your attempts, there will be a religious war in our country, a war between those who do not respect the right to life and those who do.

The last time we had a religious war of this sort we had a hero named Stephen Decatur. That’s the name of the high school I attended in Federal Way. Read up on him a bit, muslims, and answer us why one man was able to stand against so many armies and win.


3 Responses to “Local Muslim Sees Ground Zero Mosque Differently”

  1. demo kid Says:

    Hmmmm… explain the “violence” that you’re advocating “self-defense” against. It was a stupid email, yes, but where is the threat of violence? Or do you just plan on shooting Muslims indiscriminately because they offend your sensibilities?

    Do you even really READ these articles? Seems like you tend to misrepresent what they really say.

  2. Chris Says:

    actually Decatur high school is name after the ship USS Decatur, a ship named for Stephen Decatur that assisted settlers during the 1856 Battle of Seattle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decatur_High_School_(Federal_Way,_Washington)

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