What the Republicans Should Pledge


The Republican Pledge is out. Many Tea Partiers asked that the republicans not do something like this this time around. The reason being that many of the republicans running for office are running on a significantly more conservative message, and they are worried that the pledge could make them sound more moderate or even liberal to their core supporters.

However, we are here.

Eric Erickson at Red State has his own pledge. It is, as you should recognize, Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States. This is the section that lists specific things congress, and thus the federal government, can do. The next section lists things the congress can most certainly not do. The Tenth Amendment spells out that congress cannot exceed by one iota any of the items listed in Article 1 Section 8.

Congressmen and Senators seeking seats should pledge to adhere to Article 1 Section 8 strictly. That means that they would work to repeal every program and every law which falls outside of that section. They would also work to ensure that every bill that comes before the house or senate is in strict compliance with that section. It also means no one would rely on the Supreme Court to sort out any constitutional sticky points, but that they would act as the bastion protecting that sacred document.

Is this radical? Of course it is, but that’s only because our Founding Fathers were radical, working to ensure that the least among us has as much freedom and liberty as the President of the United States. They did so by writing a document that limited government to only doing those things which protected the people’s rights.

Ask your congressional candidates whether they have read Article 1 Section 8 and whether they will abide strictly to those terms. Make them take a pledge to obey the constitution and act as a bastion to protect the constitution from those who would subvert it. Then ask them what role the federal government has in creating jobs or regulating health care or even collecting taxes to give to the poor and needy.


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