Don’t Expect Civility


The left has shown itself to be wholly uncivil. Civility is not to be expected, although it is to be demanded.

Here are some examples from yesterday.

One, Sharron Angle, the challenger to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, was heckled ruthlessly. Her time was consumed with shouts, taunts, and jeering. At the end of the show, two women from the Reid camp and one man from the Angle camp apparently got into a fistfight. I haven’t heard the story from the Angle supporter, so I don’t have any idea what happened. (link)

Two, the democrats invited comedian Stephen Colbert to testify in front of a congressional committee. Obviously, it didn’t turn out well. Apparently, the congressional committees aren’t too fond of jokes and exaggerations. That Stephen Colbert accepted the invitation, and that he treated his opportunity to testify before the congress of the most powerful nation in the world’s history with such levity, shows that he does not understand the basics of what makes our society function. He is, after all, a leftist. (link)

Three, a member of the Department of Justice, Christopher Coates, used his opportunity to testify before congress to invoke his whistleblower privileges. He not only uncovered how the Obama administration is openly racist, but is actively trying to undermine our suffrage rights by allowing thugs to run the polling centers. Even in the Department of Justice, there is no justice from the leftists. (link)

Civility—this is a word that is lost on the leftist. To them, they see the world as “us” and “them”. They see “them” as the enemy—corrupt people with black hearts trying to inflict evil on the helpless and hopeless. They see “us” as the white-clothed knights of the round table, riding white horses with glimmering swords and fighting the evil, using whatever measures are necessary to stop the plans of the nefarious “them”.

I have long ago stopped trying to understand what causes the leftists to think the way they do. I can only chalk it up to mental insanity, childishness, selfishness, or corruption, and perhaps a combination of the above. Drugs, such as alcohol and others, along with morale depravity are also likely involved.

However, I can tell you how they think. And I can tell you how to defeat them.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie knows how to handle the leftists. He does so quite effectively. His tactics can be defined as simply:

  1. Adhering to reason and abandoning emotion. Don’t let them goad you into getting angry, and don’t abandon logic. Use it against them. You’ll have to understand their arguments so you don’t hear anything new. This means reading all you can from their publications.
  2. Patience and understanding. Governor Christie is more than willing to repeat himself again and again, even using the same words, so that when you view the event as a whole, you understand exactly what his reasons are. He can easily and quickly state the opponent’s platform in a way they can’t disagree with.
  3. Demanding civility from the left. He does so by a variety of methods, but the most effective is simply this: pointing out their own childishness and incivility and explaining that without civility, there is no forum for them to speak to him.

We, too, should follow this example.

On a side note, Chris Christie has done something that is so tremendous it will be forever praised in the history of the world: He has shut down all the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics throughout the State of New Jersey. (link) Countless thousands of children will be born that otherwise would have not, and many of those children are going to be blacks that would otherwise have been murdered by Planned Parenthood, whose only plan is to commit genocide against the less worthy among us through abortion and birth control.


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