Where Does the Warming Come From?


Remember when I demanded that scientists who make any claims about the climate need to show the data? Remember when I said no one can trust any results except for those that are fully supported by data that has been reviewed by skeptics?

Well, this is what happens when you look at the data. You discover that all of the warming has been fabricated—made up. It’s simple really, you take the reading on the thermometer, add half a degree, and voila! You have half a degree warming!

Please read the blog post here which points to the paper here. Please read the comments in the blog post, at least the first three.

Folks, Global Warming was an invented hoax, and it has cost us billions of taxpayer dollars. I think it’s only fair that we hold those responsible for the hoax to pay back those billions of dollars we have spent. If they can’t pay, we can arrange for them to practice science in a jail cell especially suited for those who commit white-collar fraud.


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