Democrat Strategy: Character Assassination


Having lost the debate on all fronts, democrats are now busy trying to defend their seats and take down rising stars with outright character assassination.

The way it works is this. Find something, anything, even remotely unappealing about a candidate. Then, explode this beyond all proportion in all media fields. This is how they took down Sarah Palin. They are busy doing this today to John Boehner and Christine O’Donnell.

It’s not hard to find out who the latest target is or what the attack is. You simply have to turn on your TV. Pretty much every show will be engaged in the same hateful tactics. The newspapers and blogs and internet will repeat these claims. I suggest going to forums where leftists have a run of the place for the latest and even a taste of what’s coming soon.

I emphatically denounce these tactics. I encourage you, the reader and voter, to denounce them as well.

Don’t let your vote or opinion be swayed according to how the media portrays someone.

In fact, turn the tables on them. When the media goes out of their way to assassinate someone’s character, take that as a sign that the left in our country is scared of them. Take Christine O’Donnell, for instance. What is it about her that scares the left? What is she saying and doing? What is her stance on the issues?

When you examine people the way they should be examined, or rather, in the way you’d like people to judge you, you won’t fall prey to the left’s tactics.

By the way, Christopher Coates is going to be the target of a character assassination attempt soon. Keep your eyes peeled—this man is bringing down a large chunk of the left’s power base by pointing out the corruption in the Department of Justice.


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