Wives, Submit to Your Husbands


The Bible is yet again under attack. The passage of scripture in the New Testament where the Lord commands wives to submit to their husbands is being used to portray believes in the Bible and the gospel of Christ as some sort of tyrannical dictator in the family.

Any man who believes that they can lord over their family in the name of Christ has no understanding of Christ nor His sacrifice nor His commandments to us in how to order our lives to bring us in accordance with His will. Fred Phelps, you are a great example of what it is that we are not supposed to do to call ourselves Christian.

Let’s read the passage in full, and contemplate its meaning.

Read Ephesians 5 in its entirety. Better yet, read Ephesians and the rest of the New Testament to understand the whole context.

Wives must submit to their husbands the same way we are to submit to Christ—willingly, humbly, and with faith.

Husbands, regardless of whether their wives submit, are to treat their family, especially their wives, as Christ treated us—with complete devotion and sacrifice, constant and unending love and forgiveness.

Christ set his example. We only have to follow it.

Is there any marriage which is successful that isn’t built on mutual self-sacrifice? Only when the wife and husband both sacrifice themselves for each other do they find lasting happiness and marital bliss. There is no other way. The selfish pursuit of pleasure and happiness without sacrifice for others never gives us what we want. A marriage built on conditional love or a family where love is not unbounded will always falter.

The message of the gospel is the same everywhere: give yourselves up to Christ, allow his love to swallow all of our sins, and live your life in a way that is in complete agreement with the Savior’s life. The number of religions that teach salvation only through selfless sacrifice in devotion to a God who has given His all for His unworthy children are few, with Christianity being the most obvious and most demanding of all.

Those who attack Christianity by taking a few verses out of context are not intellectually honest. If you want to attack a religion for what it is not, try to understand you’ll have to abandon reason and logic to do so in the case of Christianity.


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