If Fox News is Destructive, Why Don’t You Throw Them in Jail?


President Obama declared that Fox News is “destructive”.

OK, Mr. President, if they are destructive, why don’t you throw them in jail and bring them before a judge for a trial? After all, they are harming other people, right?

Or do you expect your supporters to simply beat up Fox News personnel in the streets and burn down their studios?

What country do we live in anyway?

Folks, this president is out of control. It’s time we started impeachment hearings. I never thought I’d see the day when our president would assault a private citizen’s right to speak freely against the government. Now that we are at that day, it’s time we send a message to our government through our congress: we will not tolerate any government that assaults our rights and liberties!

Let Obama burn on the ash-heap of history, and let him be remembered as the worst president we ever had.


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