On Free Speech and Burning Korans


Earlier, I wrote about a church in Florida that wanted to burn a Koran.

Today, a group of Muslims in North America issued a proclamation declaring that people have a right to insult Islam, either by drawing derogatory pictures of Mohammed or burning Korans, and while that is offensive, what is more offensive are those who confess Islam yet preach violence against those who insult Islam. (link)

This is an important step. Muslims who agree with this proclamation should share it with their fellow muslims.

We must remember that there are two elements out there, barely related to one another.

On the one hand, we have a very large group of devout muslims who want nothing more than to live in peace and be left alone. These are our friends and we should welcome them and protect their right to practice their religion with our very lives.

On the other hand, we have a large group of devout muslims who want nothing more than to kill and murder in the name of Allah. (Interestingly, the do not distinguish between Kuffir and Muslim who disagree with them, except that they pursue Muslims who disagree with them more vigorously.) These are our enemies, and we should hunt them down and kill them no matter where they are in the world until they realize that the sanctity of life is more important than the practice of religion. If we allow them to continue to exist, our lives will forever be in jeopardy at their whim.

It is interesting to note that the one group is helping us in our war with the other. The one group, in fact, does not consider themselves separate from us at all, except in religion, but call themselves American or Canadian.


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