I Don’t Want to Push the Government to the Right


I don’t want to push the government to the right; I want to push it off a cliff.

Leftists, progressives, socialists, and communists (but I repeat myself) see the possibilities in government as right versus left. They are, as they always are, short-sighted and narrow-minded, so I shall try to enlighten them.

In their mine, on the left, you have government acting like a kind mother who doles out sweets to children who behave well and makes ugly faces at those who are not nice to the people around them. All the toys are shared, everyone eats the same snacks at snack time, carefully measured to be the same, and all is well as long as no one disobeys mother.

In their mind, on the right, they see a government with Hitler at the head, stomping out anyone who dares think an independent thought, or who dares do anything akin to kindness among his neighbors. If you don’t agree, this Hitler will make you agree, and if you still don’t agree, well, he has his ways, you see!

I don’t see the options that way. Certainly, those are two possibilities, both of which I don’t like. I see a third option, the same option libertarians and actual anarchists see (not the communist-anarchists who can’t seem to understand why that’s an oxymoron.)

That is, I see a government that is so puny and insignificant, that it is neither a doting mother or a dangerous Hitler. I see a government so limited and so constrained, that the only thing it can do is punish those criminals which have so obviously committed a crime that the community demands justice be done, and which can only prosecute those wars which are so obviously wars that the people demand blood be shed.

That kind of government was the government written in our constitution. If we simply enforce the limits of that document, we will have that kind of government.

When government is that way, it doesn’t matter whether the government is run by Mother Theresa or Adolf Hitler. Either way, they can do nothing except those things which the people specifically permit.

That’s why I don’t want a government on the right or on the left. I simply want less of all of the above, significantly less.


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