On the Tea Party’s Future Victory


As Senate Republicans (save Sen. DeMint) line up to squelch the Tea Party movement, and as the democratic establishment lines up to torch anyone who appears to be any sort of leader in the movement, it has become apparent that the Tea Party has something, something big, and something that will change America.

Christine O’Donnell has been viciously attacked, the way only a leftist could attack a woman. However, rising above it all, she has shown that not only do the attacks not work, but they seem to be helping. Her campaign is taking the bold step of ignoring the attacks, refusing to provide more fuel for the attacks, and to simply talk about her opponent. When your opponent is a lying marxist who breaks his campaign promises to limit tax increases by passing the largest tax increase in history, it’s rather easy to attack and win.

Sarah Palin, another woman who is all-too-familiar with the left’s misogyny, has also risen above the hate and spite. She leads a national movement that is sweeping away RINOs and replacing them with strong conservative republicans, people who promise to not repeat the mistakes of ’94 by enforcing the terms of the constitution, particularly Article 1, Section 8. The Republican Party has been forced to follow her lead, issuing a proclamation that the party pledges to actually live up to the founding documents.

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard this, I thought, “Of course. Can they do any less?” My gut reaction was that it wasn’t worded strongly enough and it didn’t go far enough. Looking back now, this is truly historical. When is the last time a party has ever pledge to actually obey the terms in the constitution? In a day and age when the constitution is considered quaint and outdated, where is the political party that would actually promise to go into government to cut it into little pieces and feed the pieces that are corrupt to the dogs?

Here we are. The republican party is promising it. The campaign platform of Coolidge, Goldwater, and Reagan are mainstream now, and should the republicans sweep congress, a platform that has received the people’s mandate.

What is beautiful about this movement is that it is like the hydra that Hercules battled in ancient legends. Cut off one head, and ten will sprout in its place. The Tea Party makes it even more difficult since there are so few heads and the head are barely attached to the body to begin with.

The Tea Party is going to take a large chunk of power come November. Hopefully, the people who gain that power will remember history’s lessons and use it to cut the power of the federal government. Not left or right, we’re taking more or less, and the Tea Party shouts “less!”

One day, very soon, everybody will be a member of the Tea Party, both republicans and democrats. Maybe, one day, very soon, both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party will make pledges to reduce the size of government and keep it within the scope of the federal constitution. The debate won’t be whether or not to limit government, but how quickly to cut it back and in which ways.

When that day arises, we, the people, will have shown the world that the most powerful government in the history of the world is still subservient to the people who live there. We will have shown the world that never can any government ever truly escape the reach of the people, provided the tenets of the constitution are at least loosely followed at all times.

That will be a glorious day indeed.


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