President Obama Imitates Beck, Gets it All Wrong


President Obama is apparently a closet fan of Glenn Beck. (Remember, Clinton used to secretly listen to Rush Limbaugh.) He breaks out a folksy talking guy in front of a white board to explain the tax cuts he is proposing.

Except it doesn’t work.

First, the guys accent makes him sound either like a hick from the hills or a thugs from the mafia. I guess to the elite in Washington DC everyone’s accent sounds the same to them. Glenn Beck’s and Sarah Palin’s accents, however, reflect real people that live in the real world, far away from Washington DC.

Second, he draws circles that are supposed to represent something or other. I guess the bigger circles mean you get more tax cuts. The funny thing is, President Obama doesn’t have any tax cuts on the table. The House has already voted to recess, meaning nothing will happen until after the election. Guess who voted to go and who voted to stay? The democrats led the charge to leave all the unfinished business until after the elections, while the republicans and many sane democrats tried to keep the house in session so they could, you know, vote on whether to extend the Bush Tax Cuts.

This reminds me of when President Obama talked about “his” health care proposal, when he never proposed a thing. I guess “his” tax cuts are exactly the same kind of smoke and mirrors.

Finally, the spokesperson argues that tax cuts on the rich have never worked. Oddly, he doesn’t say what they would work for. If you’re goal is to bring everyone into equality in poverty, then of course tax cuts on the rich won’t work. After all, whenever you allow rich people to keep their money, everyone gets a lot richer.

But if your goal is to help regular people find jobs and move up the social ladder, then tax cuts on the rich is a very powerful tool to do so. Combined with limited government spending and regulation, and you’ll see the middle class explode into the upper class, and the lower class following hot on their heels.

It’s called trickle-down economics, and it works whenever it is tried.

Folks, don’t let the democrats fool you. They have no tax cut plans, and intend to raise taxes on everyone. They already have. Only the Republicans are offering a plan to not only reduce the tax burden but also cut spending across the board.


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