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Why They Hate Us

October 31, 2010

Pardon me if I get religious. It’s Sunday, and I feel it is appropriate to discuss religious matters on Sunday, particularly if it inspires us to righteousness throughout the week.

There is a passage in the Book of Mormon that struck a chord as I read it recently. Alma, the prophet and leader of the church, an untiring witness of Christ to come, one who had a special, personal witness of Christ’s mission and who has experienced the divine forgiving powers in his own life, is passing the baton to his son, Helaman.

Here, in this passage, Alma explains the situation with the land we call today America.

And he said: Thus saith the Lord God—Cursed shall be the land, yea, this land, unto every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, unto destruction, which do wickedly, when they are fully ripe; and as I have said so shall it be; for this is the cursing and the blessing of God upon the land, for the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance.

And now, when Alma had said these words he blessed the church, yea, all those who should stand fast in the faith from that time henceforth.

I thought about how this relates to why liberals hate America. Or rather, why those who hate America hate America.

One of the biggest complaints of those who hate America is that Americans are too religious, and in particular, they are too Jewish or Christian, but especially Christian. They also complain that America is too violent with her enemies, and too radical in her defense of liberty.

Let me help pull out what I saw in this verse and explain it in religious terms.

The righteous are those who have surrendered themselves to God’s will. They see themselves as vile creatures unworthy of God’s love, and yet, having received God’s loved and being saved from their own sins, they have been put in a position of happiness with only God to thank. And so they live their life obedient to God not out of fear but out of love, gratitude, and with the clear knowledge that only through obedience is their happiness to be found.

The wicked are in a different state. They have not found God’s love, and so continue to persist in their wickedness, their hearts and minds cut off from the presence of God and thus incapable of feeling the pure joy and happiness that is to be found in the bosom of God.

Now, since America has, since ancient times, been reserved exclusively for the righteous, the righteous in America find prosperity and peace. That is the blessing that Alma pronounced on the land for the righteous. It didn’t start with Alma, but was communicated from God through his vassal-prophet, and Alma simply put that sentiment of God into words we can understand, and they were recorded so that we can read them and understand a little bit more about the mind of God.

What happens to the wicked? Coming to America, they find the happiness and prosperity and peace that the righteous enjoy elusive. Indeed, it almost appears to them that they are in an unhappy state because of the righteous. Isn’t this the classical Marxian argument? “You are happy, and I am not, so your happiness must have come because you have taken it from me.”

To which, the righteous respond, “There is enough, and to spare, for all. Come buy milk and honey without price, and enjoy the exact same blessings we enjoy by submitting to Christ as we have done.”

And so the division between wicked and righteous. The wicked want to turn the very freedoms that created the prosperity that the righteous enjoy on its head, to level the playing field, so to speak. The righteous, on the other hand, seek to preserve freedom, not just for the righteous but especially for the wicked, so that they can have the same opportunity to repent that they have had.

What inevitably happens, and we have seen this happen time and time again, is that the wicked are destroyed. It doesn’t have to happen with great balls of fire from heaven, but usually happens much more subtly and simply than that. In this case, Barack Obama, obviously unable to comprehend where prosperity really comes from (Hint: God), has acted wickedly, trying to take from the righteous and give to the wicked. As such, there has been a tremendous backlash against him, and now he finds himself in a worse position than he was in before he was even elected to the state senate.

The message isn’t that we should go out and punish the wicked. That punishment is meted out by God’s hand, and we simply have to petition God to hurry up or hold off for a bit, depending on what God inspires us to ask for.

The message is, instead, that if we are righteous, we should hold tight to that righteousness and the source of our righteousness—Jesus Christ.

If, on the other hand, we find ourselves in a state of misery, we should let go of whatever we were holding onto (it being, obviously, of no value), and instead hold on to Christ.

There is no political message here, except that it’s pointless to fight against each other. The real fight is between ourselves and our God, and we are always on the losing side until we align with God. In the end, if we refuse to humble ourselves before God, we end up destroyed just like everyone else who refuses to accept God are destroyed. This is especially so in the land of America, just as it was in the land of Israel.

In the end, Glenn Beck’s rally was the rally that will be recorded in the history books as a monumental shift in American political discourse. For so long, religion has played second to politics and government. Glenn Beck has taught us that nothing, not even our country, is more important than our personal relationship with God. If we do not get that right, then nothing else will be right. If we get that right, however, then everything else will be right.

If You’re Going to Vote Democratic, Stay Home

October 31, 2010

Gallup just released a poll: Likely voters prefer republicans over democrats 55% to 40%. This is a bigger tsunami than 1994. There is definitely going to be an effort to repeal Obamacare. Obama would doom the Democratic Party to decades as a minority party if he doesn’t switch his stance like Bill Clinton did.

If you are a democrat, and you are planning on voting democratic this year, the only hope you have of helping your party is to stay home. Let me explain.

Right now, the democratic party obviously isn’t listening to you nor pursuing a path that will bring long-term success and shift America in the direction you’d like to see it go. If the democrats in power do not shift their stance, then you, the average democrat voter, will never have a chance of seeing your vote count.

You have to teach your party a lesson. Tell them that they were stupid for the past 2 years, and that whoever was in charge needs to be thrown out. Make the republican victory so massive that your party purges the entire top 10% of the party and reorganizes its core leadership to align itself with those who have not been idiotic.

The republicans did it for the last 6 years, and look what we have: The party has shifted focus, adopted new, popular positions, and is resonating with the voters. If the republicans in power today continue in power, they will likely see continued success.

Rush is right. Stay home, or better yet, vote republican. Teach the democrats a lesson that they will not soon forget.

Get Off the Vote Plantation

October 31, 2010

If you’ve been told that the Republican Party is racist, you are wrong. Republicans don’t care about the skin color of their candidates or leadership. We support people who stand for liberty, and we opposed people who stand for oppression.

I am proud to report that 14 brilliant republican candidates for office this year happen to be black. That’s just the national offices. Here in Pierce County, we have Kent Keel, who is doing a wonderful job iterating what we need for a county auditor. There is Tony Moore running in the 30th District (Federal Way) for the state senate as well, a very thoughtful and very well-educated republican.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration and Bill Clinton, along with independent-cum-democrat Charlie Christ were trying to push the democratic candidate out of the race in Florida, perhaps because of his skin color.

The Republican Party was founded on the idea that the black race wasn’t a separate race at all, but entitled to all the freedoms and liberties that whites and every other race were born with. The Republican Party pushed through legislation to shut down the KKK and oppress those who oppressed the vote in the South. Today, the Republican Party stands for liberty and independence, and encourages everyone to seize the day rather than blame their position on others.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

PS: There are a ton of women, hispanics, and asians running for office as a republican as well. I welcome all of them to the party, and hope they will all rise to leadership positions, not because of their skin color or gender, but because of their abilities and defense of freedom.

Halloween Surprise! Obama Pays For Child Soldiers in Africa

October 30, 2010

Obama waived laws that prevent the US from giving foreign aid to countries that use child soldiers. Now our taxpayers are paying to keep governments that use child soldiers propped up, rather than using their power and influence to end the practice!

Google CEO Schmidt: Scientific Debate is “Criminal”

October 30, 2010

Apparently, director James Cameron and Google CEO Eric Schmidt agree: If you question so-called Climate Science, you must be a criminal.

Now, what’s really criminal is people who lie about what they have observed, people who refuse to allow people to review their data, and people who not only make predictions but control the observations to satisfy those predictions. What is really criminal is people who abuse the power of government to stomp on those people simply trying to make a living in the name of the pseudo-science called Global Warming.

Nature doesn’t hand out traffic citations. There is no court of law for violations of the natural order. When you try to behave like a scientist but refuse to adopt the scientific method and refuse to allow debate on a very important topic, the laws of human nature dictate that you are going to get in trouble. There is a high likelihood that you are actually wrong about what you think is right.

At the end of the day, as the Catholic Church found out with Galileo, stifling debate and launching ad hominem attacks does not bring anyone closer to the truth nor does it earn anyone friends or converts.

I wonder, is CEO Eric Schmidt fit to run a multi-national corporation that has access to so much of the people’s personal data? I mean, he doesn’t even allow scientific debate on important topics like whether we should shut down our entire economy. I wonder what it’s like to work for him? Does he allow people to challenge his ideas or does he simply label them “criminal”? I think it’s time the Google board review Eric Schmidt’s views on dissent and reconsider whether he should hold his high position of authority. I certainly have not been inspired to invest in his company any time soon.

Do You Support Communism? Vote Democrat.

October 29, 2010

This doesn’t sound surprising, but it really is. The Communist Party USA is endorsing democrats across the country as the means to their ends.

I want you to stop and think about this.

What is communism? Communism is the idea that you can create a peaceful, equal society by equalizing the wealth through government action. That is, cops show up at your door, guns drawn, and take your wealth from you to give it to the poor. Through this involuntary process, apparently we can all be rich like the wealthy fat cats on Wall Street.

The income tax in the United States is a tax that the communist party strongly supports. Why? Because it uses government force to seize wealth from the wealthy and give it to the poor.

In practice, communism works nothing like what it claims to be. Sure, the government force is there. But what inevitably happens is that the force of government is used to help the friends of the government, and punish its enemies. That is the state of affairs today. After 80 years of socialism and communism in the US, what we have is simple fraud and corruption. If you are on Obama’s side, he will move mountains to help you out. If you are not his friend, he labels you an enemy and tries to find ways to put you out of business.

We see this most vividly when Obama illegally seized the assets of GM and distributed it to the unions rather than the debtors, which by law and contract, had to be repaid first. The lawsuit is still pending action, but we all know which direction it must go, and it will not be pretty. We also see it as Obama gives 25 companies permission to break the laws he himself helped write in Obamacare. What about the rest of the millions of businesses in the US? Why can’t they break the law too?

The Chinese know communism by the mass starvation caused by Chairman Mao’s bold ambition called “The Great Leap Forward“. Countless millions lost their lives as government disrupted the economy and caused them to starve to death.

The Ukrainians remember communism in the “Holodomor“, which left millions of Ukrainians dead after the most bountiful harvest that country experienced because of government action. Russians know communism by the gulags that dotted the land, places where people were left to rot for the simple crime of disagreeing with the Communist Party. The scary thing is that if you ask a Russian who lived through communism what life was like, they will tell you it is not much different than what life is like today. You have to ask the government for permission to use your toilet or brush your teeth, let alone buy your food and grow crops or do anything remotely productive.

In Cambodia, we have the “The Killing Fields“. Here, the Cambodian government slaughtered countless people in an effort to institute communism. What they were left with was abject poverty as their middle and upper classes were eliminated and moldering heaps of flesh.

In North Korea, we have the concept of “Juche”, which, although apparently noble, is used to enslave the people to the state. In North Korea, children are tortured, families are left to starve, and people are regularly tortured for the crime of being related to someone who might not disagree with the government. We do not know the full extent of the horror of North Korea, but we hear reports of desperate cannibalism and depravity that is unknown outside of that country. The entire country suffers evil that no one can fully comprehend.

In Burma (called Myanmar by its communist government), we see soldiers dispatched to slaughter unarmed, non-violent monks because they said it may be time we need new leadership. This is the face of communism in that country: a soldier who shoots you for the crime of standing in the street.

I don’t have to list all the evils that communism brought to the world. That list would be too long for any book to contain. Needless to say, the modern communist is left to say, “I don’t agree with that kind of communism.” Or, “Well, those people were doing something, but it wasn’t communism.” Somehow, the fact that all of these horrors were unleashed in the name of Marx and other communist visionaries escapes them.

As it is said, a communist is someone who reads Marx. A conservative is someone who understands Marx. We conservatives understand what communism is all about and how it works, because we know things about basic human rights that escape the nincompoops who fill our colleges.

If you like the idea of communism, then by all means, vote for Adam Smith, Patty Murray, and all the other democrats on the ballot. The Communist Party USA endorses them and their mission. They will rejoice if the house and senate remain in democrat hands, because it is a victory for communism!

If, instead, you believe the Declaration of Independence, which boldly declares that rights come from God and people cannot be made equal through government action, but instead, government must only preserve the already-existing rights bestowed on every individual by nature and Nature’s God, then you have to vote against the CPUSA, and support anyone who doesn’t have a (D) next to their name. If you want to stop communism in the USA, then you will enforce the tenets of the Declaration and our Constitutions by electing people who actually promise to uphold the Constitution. Today, only the republicans promise any such thing.

Here’s How to Vote

October 27, 2010

Go to NARAL. This is an organization that is spending their money to see that more and more children never get to see the light of day with the taxpayer’s dollar.

Look at their endorsements.

Now, look at your ballot. If any of those people have your vote, you’re voting to see more children aborted.

If you think the idea of slaughtering the unborn to serve the convenience of modern life, then by all means, go ahead and vote for those candidates. Send them your money, and send NARAL your money.

If you think that everyone has a right to live, even if they are not yet born, then you know what to do.

What is the Message of the Parties?

October 26, 2010

Nationwide, candidates from each party have busily tried to get their message out. What are those messages?

On the democratic side, it seems the message is that republicans are evil, racist, fascist pigs who shouldn’t be trusted to run the country because they had their chance and LOOK AT WHERE IT GOT US!!! No democrat has proposed any policy that I can see, at least not anything cohesive. Instead, most of the messages have been negative towards their opponents.

On the republican side, it seems the message is that we need fiscal discipline, we need to cut taxes and especially spending, we need to read the constitution and we need to cut the size of government overall. The republican message included a message that we can fix social security and medicare and our welfare programs if we can simply get the economy back on its feet by reversing the dangerous tax increases and by cleaning up the Obamacare act. The message also includes a warning about what the democrats have done to our country with their 2 years of absolute power, which has been to ignore our borders, spend every penny they can borrow, raise taxes on the businesses, and other impose mandates that no one can follow.

Now, given the above narrative, which way will you vote?

What is a Homosexual?

October 26, 2010

This seems like a stupid question, but the answer affects how you see the world.

There is an effort to divide the world into those who are homosexual and those who are not. Apparently, according to this narrative, those who are not homosexual are supposed to ostracize and hate those who are not. At least, that’s what I hear homosexual activists say.

If, one the one hand, you define a homosexual as someone who engages in homosexual acts, then you have someone who is participating in extremely dangerous behavior, psychologically but especially physically. There are a number of diseases that are transmitted through this kind of sexual activity that is not transmitted through monogamous heterosexual activity.

Rightly so, these people should feel separate and ostracized from cultures like the LDS church. No, it is not because members of the church don’t want to participate in that kind of activity or because they hate the people who do (and honestly, we don’t and no one teaches or says any such thing). It is simply because such acts are not compatible with our faith. Those who preach against our doctrine or who engage in acts that are sins according to our doctrine will, naturally, find themselves uncomfortable in our circles unless they are willing to repent of their sins and change their behavior.

There is nothing that will change this fact. Thieves, drug dealers, murderers, and child abusers all find themselves in the same boat as homosexuals who engage in homosexual acts in our church, along with adulterers and pedophiles. We strongly preach against these things, and we teach that there is no happiness in sin. Happiness can only be obtained if they completely change their behavior and world-view.

Of, on the other hand, you define homosexuals as people who have homosexual tendencies but choose not to engage in homosexual activity and even may choose to marry heterosexually and produce children, then our church has plenty of these people, and we honestly don’t care. No one will ask them what their sexual preference is, because it is irrelevant. The fact that they are tempted to evil makes them cut from the same cloth that everyone else is. The fact that they choose not to succumb to these temptations make them saints worthy of every honor. The fact that they submitted their flesh and will to God’s will means they are destined for salvation in the highest degrees of glory.

The homosexual side of the debate does a terrible job dividing the two groups. They want us to think that somehow the LDS church is discriminating against those who have homosexual tendencies, when we do not. They want us to believe that the LDS church hates those who participate in homosexual activity when we do not, and we never will.

Our doctrine is clear, and it really has nothing to do with sexual orientation or whatever other temptations anyone may have. We teach ourselves that we do not hate people because they sin differently from ourselves, and we teach ourselves that we can not help anyone out of their own sins until we first clear up our sins and then reach out in perfect love and compassion.

LDS doctrine does not distinguish between homosexual or heterosexual. I cannot find a single verse or speech from our leaders that tells us homosexuals are fundamentally different from heterosexuals. Instead, we teach that all are the same, children of God. We are all human, and we all have our own burdens to bear. We teach that no one should think they are special when it comes to temptation, because we all have to learn how to deal with it.

I do not know what more can be said on this subject, except that those who wish to learn about what our church’s doctrines and culture is can only find out from those who live in the church and live according to the doctrines.

My answer to what a homosexual is? A homosexual is a heterosexual is a human being, and it’s pointless to divide people based on their sexual preferences.

I Really Don’t Like the TV News Format

October 22, 2010

Every once in a while, an article will pop up with an embedded video that’s lifted from a nightly news broadcast.

I simply can’t watch them anymore.

First off, I don’t need an announcer telling me what happened. If I want the facts of the event, I can read the transcript or a quick summary.

Second off, I don’t need you to jump around the raw footage to tell me what is interesting. Again, people can point me to things they liked and disliked, and I can fast forward or rewind myself.

Finally, your little interviews with “man on the street” and your mixing of opinion with facts by bending words and your intonation are not appreciated. That’s trying to invent news and information when there’s nothing there. If I want an opinion, I’ll read blog reactions to the news. If I want man-on-the-street opinion, I’ll read the comments.

Finally, I don’t have the time to wade through all the crap to get to the news. Just tell me, in as few words as possible, what happened. Show me the raw footage, and let me make my own interpretation of the news.

I don’t imagine I am alone anymore. I actually enjoy watching the boring debates and raw footage without the commentary or interpretation.

I wonder how long it will be before no one can make enough money to produce these news segments. Hopefully 2012 will see the end of it.