Exporting Liberalism


America has been, and as long it remains free, will always be a hotbed of political ideas. Traditionally, the US has been pretty good at keeping the good at getting rid of the rest.

Rush Limbaugh once commented that the way to beat the Japanese is to export liberalism to Japan. Now that Japan has a big government that over-taxes, over-spends and over-regulates, they are hardly a threat they used to be to our supremacy.

It seems Osama bin Laden is falling prey to America’s export of liberalism as well, claiming that Global Warming is what’s causing the Islamic nations to suffer. (I suppose arguing that Allah is extracting punishment on unfaithful Muslims doesn’t work when the country you are harbored in suffers the worst!) (link)

Perhaps Osama bin Laden will take up communism and progressivism as well.

I tell my Korean friends that if they want to succeed as a country, they have to ignore the siren calls to liberalism from America. If you think liberals are loud here, you should see what it sounds like overseas. You can’t find conservatives who will open their mouths except for the rare ambassador.

Hat tip: Climate Depot


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