Why They Want to Destroy Marriage


One of the things my dad taught me is to “follow the money”. You can see what people intend to do if you see where their financial interests are. In Jesus’ words, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Matthew 6:21)

So, let’s follow the money. Since money is really a tool for power, let’s follow the power.

Let’s say you’re one of those types who has a lot of power. You are interested in maintaining that power. So you have to keep potential threats to your power away from your power. This is common sense. Kings in Europe and across the world did this as a matter of course. Businesses who are succeeding grow paranoid over any kind of threat, and would sooner destroy a competitor than anything else.

Who is it that the powerful are competing with? In the case of America, it is the middle class. See, the middle class is strange. They think differently, and they do things differently. They throw temper tantrums from time to time (see “Tea Party”), and believe in things like God and morality and limited government and real justice.

The lower classes are easy to manipulate. Every day, you give them just enough bread to satisfy themselves, and they will gladly be your slaves for life (see “Vote Plantation”). But the middle class cannot be bought or sold. They cannot be manipulated. They are a wild horse that can never be ridden, and always upset whatever fiefdom you’ve created for yourself.

As the history of the United States have shown, no powerful person or entity is ever safe. Even a poor child coal miner can rise above it all.

Communism and Marxism, despite their claims to the contrary, has always been a road map to disenfranchising the middle class. It keeps the upper class at the top and the lower class on bottom, and keeps rabble-rousing God-fearing middle class free people in jail. (See “World History of Communism”)

What of marriage?

It turns out, the most powerful factor for determining economic success isn’t education, ethnicity, IQ or even economic background. The factor that will determine whether or not you end up in the middle class or lower class is whether you decide to treat marriage seriously and make the commitment or remain unbound to a partner of the opposite sex.

Those who marry, and especially those who wait until marriage before engaging in physical relationships, almost universally end up wealthy. The evidence is undeniable.

Why? No one can say for sure, but common sense shows us several reasons, many which likely are due to your different outlook on life. Wives and husbands feel a different set of pressures than cohabitating couples. These pressures manifest themselves with behavior that leads to economic success. (link)

In fact, the “declining middle class” can be attributed, quite simply, to the declining marriage rate among adults. Year by year, fewer people are choosing to get married, and surprisingly (to those who don’t understand), fewer people are not lifting themselves into the middle class. These two things go hand in hand, like CO2 levels and global temperature are claimed to.

Now enter Homosexual Marriage. (I refuse to call it “gay” because I refuse to allow that community to co-op that word, and there is nothing gay about it.) What is it’s purpose?

While advocates shout that they are simply looking for “equal rights” (while being incapable of having a reasonable discussion of what “equal rights” actually means), and while they shout that they are being discriminated against because they choose to put their sexual organs where they do not belong and suffer the consequence to mind, body and spirit for doing so, the only real result of homosexual marriage will be to devalue actual marriage.

That is, in the debate, the homosexual marriage advocates must, as an assumption, state that marriage is something much less than it actually is—usually a commitment between two people who love each other or a contract binding two people together. If you point out that marriage is much, much more than that, the debate devolves into shouts of bigotry.

And here is why we see communists, liberals, and progressives so enthusiastic about the cause: By devaluing marriage, you remove the one thing that will lift people out of poverty into the middle class.

Take away marriage, and you take away the middle class.

You end up with things back to the way they have always been: rich people at top, poor peons begging for scraps from their adored masters at the bottom.

I know it’s hard to believe that people actually do not care about people around them. It’s hard to believe because you and I don’t think that way. However, I know that you know that deep inside of you is a voice that urges you to cave into these worldly pressures. We see murderers and rapists and thieves and thugs, why is it hard to believe that the rich and powerful can fall prey to that same spirit which plagues everyone else?

We see in our world people who have worked their entire lives for evil causes, so we do not need to pretend that such human behavior is impossible.

Now, whatever the intentions of a cause is, what matters is what its effects will be. If we pursue programs to help the poor that actually harm the poor, can it be said of those who pursued it that they simply had good intentions and thus we need to preserve the program? Of course not. We must evaluate things based on what they actually are and what they actually do.

Homosexual marriage requires that marriage itself be redefined as something it is not, and has at its basis a fundamental assumption that marriage is something much less than what it actually is. Marriage is the only tool that the poor have to lift themselves out of poverty.

Those two facts combined mean that homosexual marriage advocates are trying to keep the poor poor, regardless of all their shallow talk about equality and fairness.

If you truly care about the poor, then you will stand firm for marriage, and encourage everyone who is unmarried to pursue marriage.


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