Communists and Socialists Trash the Capitol


Remember the 8/28 rally that Glenn Beck put on? The place was spotless after it was done. The people left with their hearts turning to God for supplication and their hands ready to work to provide for themselves.

Barack Obama put on his counter-rally today at the Capitol. The socialists and communists were out in force, along with the anti-semites and anti-Americans. They all had their hands out asking for one thing or another. None of them took any responsibility for themselves, and none of them seemed to care that they left a mess for someone else to clean up.

Typical communist.

More here.

If I have to repeat myself a thousand times, I’ll gladly do it if someone else will understand for the first time:

Conservatives ask for nothing and want to provide for themselves, their families, their churches and communities, and their country. We want to be a net asset on the national ledger. We want government to simply keep the criminals off the street and punish those who infringe on other’s rights. We ask for nothing more.

Communists (those people who believe government grants rights and can take them away) believe that someone else has something they have to give to them and that until they are forced to do so by the power of government, there will always be inequality in the world.

This is the difference between the movements. One is a parasite, the other is a producer.

Let America be divided! We can send all the socialists and communists at our expense to North Korea or Cuba, and see how well they do. And we can leave America for those who believe in individual liberty and see how well they do.

I doubt the socialist and communist countries want even more socialists in their own country, however.


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