Two Kinds of Violence


There is, in this world, ultimately two kinds of violence.

There is the violence that is trying to make someone do something against their own will. This is the violence of thugs and criminals.

Then there is the violence in defense of our rights and liberties, especially the right to live. This is the violence focused on thugs and criminals. It is the violence of the emancipator. It is the violence of the rebel against a tyrannical government.

All too often, we try to equivocate these two forms of violence.

Recently, the 10:10 movement made threats of violence against those who refused to worship at the altar of global warming. It said, “Bow to our will or die.” Is that the violence of a liberator or the violence of thugs?

Because the global warming movement is all about enforcing restrictions and collecting money where otherwise there wouldn’t be restrictions and money collected, it is obvious that it is the violence of the criminal mind.

This kind of violence is no different than the violence of the Nazi regime or Stalin’s Red Army or Mao Tsetung’s communist overthrow of China or Kim Ilsung’s tyrannical brainwashing cult in North Korea.

Recently, I posted open threats against those who wish to shred our constitution, declaring that if there were no constitution, then we would have a civil war in our midst because we couldn’t resolve our differences through the channels of the institution formed by our constitution. The last time the constitution was of no effect between our states Lincoln was president and a lot of people died.

Ask yourself: Is this the violence of the thug? After all, if I use violence to protect my right to life and liberty, and the rights of my friends and neighbors, am I doing so at the expense of someone else’s rights?

No. The answer is obviously no. If others would leave my life and liberty alone, I wouldn’t have to debate whether I need to kill them to protect my own life and liberty.

What the Obama administration, the Democratic Congress, and a whole lot of people on the left do not understand is that their little programs and rules and regulations that come out of the best intentions do not have good results. When you tax me to pay for someone else’s medical care, that is not liberty. When I work hard only to see that none of the money is really mine, thanks to the astronomical national debt and entitlement spending, that is not liberty. When you threaten to throw me in jail because I refuse to waste money on health insurance and instead decide to insure myself, that is not liberty.

As Goldwater has said, extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.

I am an extremist and absolutist when it comes to individual liberty. While Gandhi may not have been willing to fight and kill for his right to live and be free, I am. While you may not be willing to pay for wars and see our young men serve in wars against foreign tyrannical institutions that threaten our peace, I am. I don’t see much purpose to living if I am not free and do not have liberty.

I am sure, had you lived in 1776, you would have thought that all those damn rabble-rousers who were talking in whispers about revolution were idiot hicks who had no idea what they were doing and would be better off feathering their bed with tax revenue distributed to them by the crown. However, history has shown that those hayseed hicks who talk funny and like to carry rifles and guns around with them and who talk about killing people who step on their property made the wisest choice in the political history of the world.

That is, they chose liberty, and because of that, the world is far better off than it otherwise ever would have been.


3 Responses to “Two Kinds of Violence”

  1. demo kid Says:

    Then there is the violence in defense of our rights and liberties, especially the right to live. This is the violence focused on thugs and criminals. It is the violence of the emancipator. It is the violence of the rebel against a tyrannical government.

    No, you’re a thug for using violence as a means of imposing your political ideals on others.

    You are encouraging direct and indirect violence against your opponents. While conservatives are (amusingly) pro-life and anti-euthanasia, you have no problem telling the poor that they should die unless they grovel for the scraps from your table, and thank you profusely for them. You have no problem telling your political opponents — those who dare interpret the Constitution in a way that doesn’t fit your own whims — that you will shoot them when opposing them.

    And then you have the gall to get your panties in a bunch about a satirical commercial? (And a bad one, in fact…) This does NOT match ANY rhetoric about how global warming deniers should be killed for their beliefs, and it doesn’t come close to the subtle and overt threats that the right issues on a daily basis.

    Face it… if you’re on the left today, talking about murdering people in armed revolution is far-left fringe. If you’re on the right, talking about murdering people is apparently mainstream.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      No, you’re a thug for using violence as a means of imposing your political ideals on others.

      Follow me here.

      In the beginning, we all do what we want. Nobody is stopping anyone else.

      Then along comes a communist, who says, “Comrade, you have to give me all your money.”

      I say, “No.”

      Then the commie comes back with the government police and military and says, “Give me your money of I throw you in prison or worse!”

      And then, when I turn around and kill the obvious threat to my life, I am the murderer?

      How is defense of our liberty imposing anything on anyone? I simply want to de-impose the imposing that’s already been imposed. I want to kill the man who is murdering. I want to lock up the man who is taking away liberty. I want to seize the property of the thief. I want to leave everyone else alone to do as they please. I simply want to undo the injustice that has already been done.

      My political ideals are that we shouldn’t impose our political ideals on each other. If you really, really want to live under a tyranny, why don’t you simply hand me your money and show up for work in my yard tomorrow? I can show you what your political ideals really are, but I won’t do it out of force. You don’t need to impose your political ideals on me to enjoy them. I can help you enjoy them today.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Do you think that the threats of murder to those who do not believe the global warming orthodoxy is new?

      Perhaps you should spend more time reading what your own side writes. You don’t have to go far to find so-called scientists who are trying to silence their critics with the force of government.

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