What Voting (R) Will Get You


Sharron Angle, senate candidate in Nevada running against Majority Leader Harry Reid, won a hard-fought primary against establishment republican candidates. She is now running a hard-fought campaign against the third most powerful person in our federal government.

I want to draw you back to 2000. Back then, we were coming off of 8 years of Clinton, 6 of which had a republican majority in the house and somewhat in the senate. The house republicans, in ’94, led the “Republican Revolution” by promising common sense government—a government that isn’t out to get you and that will do its best to balance the budget. Although they didn’t get everything they wanted, they did get a lot, and the government saw, for the first time, a year with a balanced budget. (Actually, it wasn’t balanced at all—liabilities were not being offset and Social Security and Medicare were going down quick. However, it was much better than the years when democrats controlled congress.)

In 2000, George W. Bush came in promising to do more of what the republicans did in 1994. He even promised to eliminate the Department of Education. Now, fast forward to 2006, and the republicans lose the house and senate. Why? Because they failed to deliver on their promises. I was there, I made the phone calls to constituents, and 99% of them were livid that a republican president and a republican congress couldn’t balance the budget and couldn’t end the earmarks and political corruption.

The democrats had easy victories in 2006 and 2008 because of this backlash. They rode the wave promising “pay as you go” and fiscal sanity. Obama promised not to raise anyone’s taxes who earned less than $250,000 and he promised to “fix” the broken entitlement programs. In short, he ran more as a conservative than the republicans.

Now we are here. Clearly, the Americans are not being fooled anymore. With more than 70% of the American public behind the TEA Party Ideals (cut taxes, cut spending, cut regulation, limit government), there is a backlash growing.

The problem is that we want the original 1994 republicans back, not their dopplegangers that inhabited congress from 2000-2006. We don’t want big spenders, we don’t want republicans soft on taxes and soft on government.

Now, the primaries are over. There was a notable backlash. Several RINO republicans, and even republicans who can only marginally be considered RINOs have lost their seats to primary challengers who promise to be much more fiscally conservative.

Sharron Angle is one of these people.

Do you think the republicans in power are happy that so many of their colleagues are out of the picture? Of course not. Do you think they want a whole group of new people to show up and start demanding answers and start shredding their earmark programs? Of course not. The democrats are scared, but at least one day they will likely return to power. As for the moderate, big-spending republicans, there is a good chance that the conservatives will take complete control of the part and marginalize them forever.

If you vote republican this year, even if it’s for a well-known and despicable RINO, you will be returning the republicans to power. Quite likely, the moderates will put the new group of republicans on the back bench and run the show. However, there is a small chance that the newcomers are savvy enough to at least get a good compromise within the party, and hold the line when it comes to compromising with the democrats in the senate and the president.

The compromise among the two republican factions has already shown up as the pledge, which, for the first time in my personal history, has a party running on a promise to actually read and apply the constitution!

The compromise between republicans and democrats is being worked out as we speak. It will likely be tax cuts for the not-so-rich as President Obama is proposing, tempered with some relaxations on regulations. Will we see a repeal of the health care bill? No (presidential veto is too powerful), but I am sure that the republicans will be able to fix a lot of the worst parts.

But more importantly, you will be shifting the balance of power within the republican party towards a more conservative leadership. After two years in congress, the Sharron Angles of the world are going to understand how Washington DC works and are going to know how to get more Sharron Angles in office. And you can be dang sure that when another Sharron Angle runs against a RINO, she is going to root for the challenger and ensure that the challenger gets plenty of support from the party.

The fight between the two factions of the Republican Party will heat up again early in 2012 in the presidential race. I am all but certain that Mitt Romney is the guy, not because he is too conservative or too moderate, but because he can represent both sides very well and is the only person who can bring the party together. I don’t know what Mitt intends to do with the party, but I surmise that he is serious when it comes to cutting the fat and optimizing our federal government.

Vote (R) this year to see some honest-to-gosh fiscal conservatives get into office. We won’t see much in the way of results until after 2012, but at least we’ll compromise to the benefit of the common man.


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