It’s Crunch Time


If you’re wondering when the right time to get involved in politics is, now is the time.

There are great candidates in this area we need to support. We have a chance of sending more republicans to congress this year than democrats, so supporting our congressional candidates is critical.

Before the endorsements, let me announce why I say you MUST vote republican this year, even if the democrat is a nice guy. The democrat-controlled state legislature and the democrat-controlled federal congress have been running roughshod over our individual liberties. They spend and spend and spend, paying off their political supporters and putting we, the taxpayers, in eternal debt and servitude to their projects. They have no concept of what it takes to create jobs; if they do, then they are doing all they can to stop it. It is really unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. There is no temperance at all in either body. A vote for the democrats is a vote for the worst elements of that party this year.

Second, a note on the facts of life. We know, from sad experience, that King County is corrupt in how they count ballots. Dino Rossi has personal experience with this. We must beat a candidate by over 5% to actually win the seat when King County is involved. King County is considered to be at the top of the list of corrupt counties in our country. Even Bill O’Reilly was pointing this out not more than a few days ago. So even if Dino or Dick is ahead in the polls, we still need to get out there and rally the troops.

At the top of the ticket, Dino Rossi is the choice over Patty Murray for the US Senate.

Dick Muri is running a tight race against Adam Smith, who is trying to run as a disciple of Reagan. Dick Muri needs and deserves our support. He is the real deal, and he already knows how to work a political group. You only have to look at his history on the Pierce County Council to see what kind of representative we’d be getting.

In the 30th LD (Federal Way), republicans Tony Moore, Shawn Sullivan, and Katrina Asay should get your vote.

In the 27th LD (Tacoma), republican Jon Higley stands a chance at unseating long-time legislative liberal Jeannie Darnielle.

For the Supreme Court, we need to keep Richard B. Sanders. Yes, he’s in a bit of a flap, but we can trust him and his decisions on behalf of the people over the unions and special interests that have gained so much power in that body. He voted to protect our individual, unalienable rights and stopped the liberal part of our state supreme court from running over the rights of the people.

Initiatives are many this year. Let’s pay extra careful attention and vote the right way for each one.

Initiative 1053 is an obvious “YES” vote. Passing this initiative a third time after seeing the legislature overturn it twice will send a message to our state legislature that we do not tolerate other people making a dime off of our backs. Perhaps, if we get a republican legislature, they can pass an amendment to make the initiative permanent.

Initiative 1082 is also an obvious “YES” vote. We don’t need the state to run a monopoly on our employment insurance. By introducing competition, employers and employees will get better service at a lower price. This initiative will make employment cheaper and thus create jobs where none exist today.

Initiative 1098 is a definite “NO” vote. Once the legislature gets an income tax, they will move that tax on to everyone in the state, and there will be nothing different between us and the other states that are failing because they have an income tax. The problem in our state isn’t tax revenue—it’s spending. We need less spending and less taxes, not more of both.

Even though I’m a tee-totaller and I recommend strongly that no one of any age partake of alcohol, having the state run a monopoly doesn’t help the cause. Initiative 1100 is a “YES and 1105 is a “NO. The difference between the two is freedom; 1100 has it and 1105 uses government power to make a few people rich.

Initiative 1107 is a definite “YES” vote. The democratic legislature passed a series of tax hikes to support their spending spree. We’re going to tell the legislature that we’re not going to tolerate any tax hikes and they MUST reduce their spending.

Referendum 52 is a “NO“. Global Warming is a fraud, a fabrication invented so that the governments can get more money out of your pockets and into theirs. Our kids don’t need more energy-efficient schools based on quack science; they need teachers that value teaching over their union.

Senate Joint Resolution 8225 is a definite “NO”. We don’t need more debt in our state. We need more responsible spending. Just because mommy government in Washington DC is going to pay the interest doesn’t mean we should put the taxpayers on the hook for even more debt. No, let’s be responsible and eliminate all debts in our state, and keep spending at a responsible level.

House Joint Resolution 4220 is a “NO”. The Lakewood tragedy wasn’t caused by the constitutional limits on bails. The potential for abuse is too great here. If you want to prevent another Lakewood tragedy, we need more guns in the public. Carry a sidearm openly under our open carry laws, or get a concealed carry permit and carry in private. Practice with your firearm regularly, keep it clean and ready to go, and I guarantee you, we will never see another Lakewood tragedy. No one ever went on a shooting spree at a gun show. They try to choose places where people are not armed and are not willing to fight back.


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