How Do You Create Jobs?


Ask a democrat a simple question, and you get… something.

Here’s the original with the Linda McMahon’s plan to create jobs:

If you don’t know what it takes to create a job, then you have no business voting this election year. I’m being quite serious.

Jobs exist because the employee makes more money for the employer than they cost the employer. It’s that simple.

Jobs are created when an entrepreneur—one of the “rich” guys who we are told to hate by the Marxist-in-Chief—takes a risk and hires someone who he thinks will make more money for himself than will cost him in the long run.

Jobs are destroyed when the manager sees that keeping someone on staff is going to hurt the financials of a company.

Companies do not exist to create jobs. They exist to create profit. The more profit they make, the more jobs they can create.

To illustrate, I’m going to share with you a personal example. I stayed up to 2 AM last night working with my business partner on my business plan. We discovered that if we can get the salespeople to sell our product, then we can hire more salespeople and even account managers. In the first year alone, we can create about 26 jobs that do not exist today, if we can post $4 million in revenue. In 2012, if we can see that kind of growth continue, we should be able to hire maybe a hundred more people to match our profit of tens of millions. The year after that, we should be bringing in $50 million and we’ll be hiring two or three hundred more people.

Do you see the connection?

Let’s say Washington State introduces an income tax. If I make $100 million, I have to pay them $20 million in taxes. Do you know how many jobs that destroys? That’s 200 jobs that disappear, that I cannot create because I do not make enough money.

Let’s say that Washington State’s legal culture is such that when I make my first $100 million, I have to fight $20 million in lawsuits. Or let’s say that regulation makes me do the same. Add these up, and $100 million will hire me only a handful of people, because I have to spend money to fight lawsuits and to comply with regulation.

If you care about jobs, then you care about profit. You will want to do what you can to get government out of the way of our businesses so that they can make more money.

President Obama knows this, and yet he tells us something completely different. I know he knows it because he granted special dispensation to 30 major corporations to bypass his health care regulation. Why? Because these companies simply could not afford to comply. Rather than build a culture where anyone can succeed on their merits, he has built a culture where anyone can succeed as long as you get permissions from the president. Unfortunately, with earmarks and congressional pay-offs, this is the direction we have been headed over the past 30 years.

When you vote republican this year, be sure to hold their feet to their fire. If they put an earmark on a bill, raise hell about it. Let them know that you want a culture where people succeed on their own, not thanks to special government handouts. If they raise a tax or do anything but cut spending back to 2006 levels, if they increase regulation or do anything but cut regulation to 2006 levels, then raise heck and tell them that government is destroying jobs.

“Trickle-down Economics” is a far better policy than “trickle-up poverty.” By allowing people to succeed, they hire more people to work for them with their profits. They create jobs, well-paying jobs that put people in a position where they can become rich and create even more jobs. I tell you, I could not even contemplate starting a business had I not been able to set aside three months of salary. I could not hope to succeed had there not been people with $50,000 or $2,000,000 lying around waiting to spend. It is the wealthy that create jobs, and they create jobs when they have profit.


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