Protest Falls on Deaf Ears


I don’t know what the protestors at Temple Square are trying to do. Do you think you can influence the leaders of the LDS church to change so fundamental a doctrine as the family and marriage? (link)

The church has shown itself resilient to any and all forms of disagreement. Even the federal government, as it swooped down with armies and federal police to arrest and imprison church leaders in violation of ex post facto, the church remained steadfast. Only a revelation from God could change the leaders of the church’s mind on so sacred a topic. It was true in 1890 and it was true in 1976.

My advice to those who pursue a life of homosexual relationships, or any sin for that matter, is to give up. You will never be able to change the minds of the leaders of the LDS church or its countless millions of members who are happily married and find joy and peace in raising their families and seeing their children sealed to each other in the temple in eternal marriages. If you are a member of the church and are trying to change that doctrine, then you will soon find your way out of the church. The church does not work that way. It never has and it never will.

You will never find joy in abusing your bodies and putting your own lusts ahead of logic and reason, truth and beauty. Wickedness never was happiness.

If you want to find happiness, abandon the lusts of the flesh and pursue a Christ-like path of love and devotion to all those around you. Cast your burdens and troubles and temptations on the Lord. Trust that He can guide you down the strait and narrow path.

The LDS church doesn’t distinguish between small sins and big sins. All sins hold us back and prevent us from enjoying the fulness of God’s glory. Our purpose in life is to prepare to meet our Creator by abandoning all sins we may find ourselves burdened with and embracing Christ as the only perfect example of love and truth in this world.


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