A Physicist I Agree With


A physicist with a long history in the American Physical Society has resigned over ClimateGate. You should read the entire letter he sent, but I will try to summarize what he wrote here.

  1. The leadership of the APS is quelching any discussion of climate issues among its members, in violation of its constitution.
  2. The statement the APS has endorsed is hardly scientific, and instead, adopted by a secret committee that never met and released a lengthy statement trying to justify the absurdity in the statement.
  3. The ClimateGate evidence that has come forth has not been considered by the APS.
  4. When a petition to consider the matter was submitted by 200 members of the APS, per the requirements of the constitution, the petition was ignored.
  5. The APS leadership has instead an informal poll without any meaning and has formed a new secret commission to quelch the evidence of foul play.

The professor cites money as the corrupting factor. He notes that should the fraud of AGW be revealed in its entirety, trillions of dollars of research money will disappear, and that means that everyone involved has a conflict of interest where they are sacrificing their own professional reputation for money.

There is a way to resolve all these issues, but the evidence suggests it will not resolve in favor of the AGW crowd. Instead, after a full investigation into the scientific principles, it is all but obvious today that we will have overwhelming evidence of not just fraud on the scale of a few highly motivated people, but the apathy of a much larger crowd of scientists, who kept quiet because their career was on the line.

It used to be that physicists all but swore a life of celibacy and poverty in order to pursue the science that they loved. Nowadays, being a physicist means being among the most respected scientists in the world and pursuing some of the most expensive experiments in the history of the world. People like Einstein and Feynman had made physics and excited science. It clearly seems that so many physicists have chosen poorly, settling for wealth and fame rather than pursuing pure science.

Hat tip: Climate Depot

Also at Gateway Pundit.


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