I Don’t Oppose Union Members, Just Their Union


Some people equate attacking the Teacher’s Union to attacking teachers. This is absurd. The two are entirely separate. One is hell-bent on bankrupting our future to see that our kids never get a good education, while the other sacrifices their precious life and forego future economic incentives to see that our young ones get the best education they can get.

Here’s a union member of the SEIU complaining about how his hard-earned cash is being spent against his political interests. I think this drives home the message that the unions and their members are not always in agreement, and for union leaders to pretend they are is a lie.

Unions derive their power from the state. That is, the only reason unions exist is because someone, somewhere, is holding a gun to someone’s head. In this case, if you want to work for certain companies or for certain governments, you have to hand over a wad of cash every paycheck to the union thugs who then turn around and tell you what to think.

If unions were voluntary and didn’t rely on the law or coercion to bolster its bankroll and membership, then I wouldn’t have a problem with them, and they’d probably pay much more attention to what their members want and do a better job representing them as well.

But they don’t rely on voluntary interactions like “big business” has to. No, they just reach for the law to hammer their will into the skulls of their members.

(By the way: When businesses have to ingratiate themselves with the government to get things done, they are no longer doing business but establishing themselves as a part of the government. Those 30 corporations that received special dispensation from the president to disobey the new health care laws are no longer participating in the free market and are instead relying on government force to get by. In this case, hoping that government will do the dirty work of taking out their competition, rather than building themselves up to provide better goods and services at a cheaper price.)


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