Nazi Candidate


There is a candidate who is a republican who also, in the past, liked to dress up like a Nazi.

Of course, no one is asking whether he endorses the Nazi message or asking why he dressed up like a Nazi. They are just assuming he must be a Nazi sympathized because he dressed up like one.

I want people to reconsider their knee-jerk reaction, and not just because he is a republican. I don’t understand, fully, why people like re-enacting wars, but let me share a tidbit I heard from the first Iraq War.

The American tanks demolished the Iraqi army. One of the Iraqis captured got to see inside the commander’s tank, and noticed a picture of Rommel. Rommel is the famous Nazi general who lead the Nazi troops to capture North Africa. The Iraqi commander asks the American commander, “Why do you have a picture of the enemy in your tank?”

The American commander responds, “If you had his picture in your tank, you may not have lost this battle.”

The point is that while we bitterly hate our enemies, we can still learn from them. Indeed, it is foolish not to.

Again, I don’t know what motivates people to reenact battles. Is it much different, however, from me playing with Battletech figurines as a boy and fantasizing about warfare involving giant machines spewing death? Is it a desire to keep history alive so that we don’t forget and indeed learn more and more so that we don’t repeat it?

I hope we don’t forget who the Nazis were and what they did. I thank people who spend their time to keep their memory alive and in the public conscience. I despise those who simply want to erase them from our history.

The ultimate question should be whether this candidate endorses the Nazi message, not whether he dressed up like one or reenacted famous battles as one. The answer, obviously, is “no”. Unlike the Nazis (short for “National Socialist”) this republican believes in limited government and individual liberty.


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