Rocket Scientist for Congress


I have often thought that those who are truly intelligent don’t belong in congress. After all, if you’re able to understand what the poindexters are saying about the budget and issues, it’ll be much harder to vote with the party line. People don’t like being told the truth, especially when it hurts. One of the unspoken vows a physicist has to make is to choose reality and truth over popularity and friendship, a combination which makes for a terrible politician.

Well, I may be wrong. Ruth McClune is a physicist, a real-life rocket scientist. Her husband is also a rocket scientist and physicist. Together, their powers combine to create, I am sure, one of the most interesting families with the most interesting discussions I can possibly imagine. She seems to be doing quite well in her normally democratic district. Should she win, she will have at least one fan in Tacoma, Washington.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Oh, read her site. She’s a physicist who is also a conservative Christian. The two actually go hand in hand. I’ve never met an Atheist physicist that made any sense.


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