Rep. Cantor Proposes Earmark Ban for 2011


Rep. Eric Cantor, a leader in the House Republican Caucus in our federal House of Representatives proposes extending the earmark ban throughout the next congressional session, including enforcing the ban on democrats and the president. He makes some powerful arguments.

I want to voice my agreement. Congress’s job is not to decided who gets the money, but for what purpose it is spent.

The president and his administration should be the place where lobbyists go to get their contracts fulfilled. Congress should bring in those who fall prey to the corruption and put their heads in the rhetorical guillotine in front of congress.

The president and the congress must be set at odds with one another, not in bed with one another. Congress keeps the administration honest, while the administration does the best job it can within the constraints Congress has set, trying to make everyone happy at once.

Members of the house should only have the interests of their voters at heart. That means they go to Washington DC as champions to represent us at the cost of the interests of the federal government and every other party.

Members of the senate should have the interests of their state governments—particularly the legislature—at heart when they go to Washington DC to fight. Unfortunately, today senators are elected by popular vote and instead need to raise insane amounts of cash to get their message out in their state, so we can safely assume that the senate will always be beholden to the lobbyist cash.

Finally, the president should have the interests of the entire nation, as a collection of people, governments, and corporations as he fights against the other interests in Washington DC.

Enforcing an earmark ban and keeping congress within its limits by only allowing it to set the budget will go far to put congress and the president in the right type of balance of power.

Vote republican this year, and send a note to your representative that you want an earmark ban as Eric Cantor proposes. Perhaps we will get it; perhaps note. In two years time, we can vote the bums out who didn’t support an earmark ban and put someone in who will.

An earmark ban would do more to secure our financial future than anything else I can think of.

More at Red State.


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