Bill Whittle Explains Elitism


There is one thing in this world that I believe is worse than all other things: PRIDE. Elitism is pride in full parade in our political system. If I despise them and their positions of power simply because they think they are better than others, then that is enough.

Socrates summed up my feelings best. “The only thing I know is that I know nothing.” Anyone who thinks they know anything more than nothing has more hubris than the best philosopher in history. Jesus taught that those who think they are righteous are the worst sinners. Physics taught me that the brightest among us are really stupid when it comes to something as simple and obvious as the real world. Being a father taught me that no one is qualified to be a father, or a husband, or a son, or pretty much anything in life. Need I go on?

Bill Whittle explains several logical, reasonable arguments why elitism is wrong. He ends with the conclusion that maybe those who support elitism aren’t as smart as they thought they were to begin with.

Democrat or Republican or independent, let’s all agree that no one is entitled to power, and one’s intelligence or birthright gives no one the right to rule over another.

I say, every election year, our default vote should be to throw the bums out, no matter who they are or what they profess. It is up to the politician to show to you that they actually didn’t squander your country before you should consider voting them back in.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


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