Dick Muri Endorses Kent Keel


I received this from Dick Muri, running for the 9th CD:

Dear Friends,

This year’s ballot includes a non-partisan Pierce County Auditor race.  The candidates are Kent Keel and Julie Anderson.  I know both candidates very well, and I have observed both in action.  Based on my knowledge of both, I feel that Kent Keel is the clear choice for this important office.  Kent’s expertise, demeanor, personal integrity, and fiscal conservatism reflect a commitment to values that all of us want to see in all of our elected officials.

For more information about Kent and his ideas please view his website at:  http://www.electkentkeel.net/

Please share this recommendation with friends, and vote for Kent!


Dick Muri
Pierce County Council District # 6
116 Lila Street, Steilacoom, WA 98388-1418
Web: dickmuri.com
Candidate for Congress, 9th District (WA)

Too often, the local races that are even more important than the national ones get lost in the rumble before election day. Let’s not forget Kent Keel for Pierce County Auditor.


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