This is Big


Global Warming propagandist Lawrence Solomon was an administrator at Wikipedia. He abused his position of power to spread the lie that Global Warming was real and discredit those who concluded otherwise.

Now he has gotten into a wee bit of trouble. It seems he is no longer allowed to edit any articles about Global Warming or even anybody’s biography that is connected to Global Warming. The vote was unanimous. (link)

Is Global Warming factual? If so, why does it need a propagandist?


4 Responses to “This is Big”

  1. demo kid Says:

    First of all, you’re getting your information from a climate change denier who is the favorite of Big Oil right now. Not quite an unbiased opinion.

    But even aside from that, you have no idea as to the context. My sense from, you know. actually looking into the background of this issue, is that Connolley has been involved with conflicts with Wikipedia editors before. (Case in point.) This has less to do with the veracity of what he writes, and much more to do with a boisterous online personality getting combative.

    But this in the grand scheme of things is relatively minor. You have consistently lied or misrepresented basic facts about climate change, exaggerating minor or inconsequential criticisms while ignoring a vast mountain of actual evidence. You do not have an understanding of basic thermodynamics, and your explanations give that away. And, worst of all, while you accuse proponents of global warming of letting political and religious concepts and financial gain bias their opinions, you are amusingly blind to the very real and far more unnerving biases of climate change deniers.

    So claiming that “this is big”? Sure… if you’re pretty damned deluded.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Ad hominem. The climate change supporters are equally funded by big climate change, which is not a billion dollar industry. There are trillions on the line here for them.

      I think it’s really obvious what happened. A big, partisan hack who was abusing his power as a wikipedia admin was found out and banned from continuing his shenanigans.

      • demo kid Says:

        The climate change supporters are equally funded by big climate change, which is not a billion dollar industry. There are trillions on the line here for them.

        Let’s compare Big Oil to “Big Climate Change”.

        I’ll start. Royal Dutch Shell turned a $12.5 billion profit last year. Emissions trading runs around $20-$30 per ton of CO2eq for the EU market, with trading of around 100 million metric tonnes. $2 billion sounds like a lot… but this is trading value and not the cost of compliance by companies that trade away the permits. Not to mention that there are a number of other global oil companies in the billions, while the European Union market is by far the biggest emissions trading scheme.

        If you go through and sum the revenues of energy companies, metal manufacturers, manufacturers, etc. that would be affected by efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and compared that to all those that had to gain from the process, there’s really no contest. Likewise, when you compare the lobbying potential of Big Oil with world governments and compare that with environmentalists, you again fall short. Even if you managed to count subsidies to green companies and climate change research (and ignore subsidies to oil companies and funding of energy research), you have not shown how “Big Climate Change” even begins to get close to “Big Oil”.

        And hey, I call them as I can see them. I certainly have my own concerns about the policy process, and I can certainly appreciate the role that money and power play in this process. I have no doubt that it influences the way that the game is played, and I’ve noted ways that the process has been influenced by it. (Chinese CDMs being sold to European nations, for example.) But to completely overlook the massive power of one side but complain about the middling power of the other?

        Sheesh… it’s like you’re intentionally trying to ignore the facts that go against your opinions.

      • Jonathan Gardner Says:

        Yeah, let’s compare.

        The Big Oil companies are trying to find and bring oil to the market for as low a price as possible. This oil is used to power the world’s machines, importantly, the farm, manufacturing and distribution machines needed to feed 6 billion people. Despite their greed, their end product is wealth. In order for Chevron, Shell, and BP to succeed, they need to create something useful that people will willingly and happily pay for.

        The Big Climate Change people, however, are looking to get government edicts and prey on people’s ignorance and fear. How many people has Al Gore fed? How many third world countries has George Soros saved from famine and poverty? What has Dr. Hansen done to feed the poor or create a vibrant economy where people can find jobs that pay many more times what they need to survive? There are trillions of dollars at stake, make no mistake about it. If we were to pass the climate bill that Obama proposed, we would be trillions of dollars poorer and that much wealth would be destroyed, throwing the third world countries into famine and despair, and depriving Americans of their jobs and livelihoods.

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