The Fed is considering inflation.

Folks, we are full-circle now. Next thing you know, we’ll be waiting in line to buy E15—the EPA’s new version of fuel that is promised to ruin our engines.

How hard of a lesson is it to learn? Government exists for one simple reason, and one reason alone: To protect the rights of the individual. All of our economic, fiscal, and government problems are caused by government exceeding its bounds to do something other than protect our fundamental, unalienable God-given rights.

We must, absolutely, elect people who understand this. Right now, the Republican Party has signed a pledge to actually read and apply the constitution, that document which for so many years has stood between government and the people in protecting the people’s rights.

We must be vigilant, now more than ever. We must vote out those who believe they can give people rights or that they have a good reason to take people’s rights away. That means neutering Obama’s insane policies. That means sending Pelosi to the back bench. That means seeing Harry Reid find a new job, perhaps as a used car salesman.

Get out there, tell people WHY you’re not supporting the democrats this year, and be sure the vote early.


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