Kinsey: Paid for Incest


You might know the name “Kinsey”. He’s that guy who in the 40’s rewrote our culture’s sexual history with science! His contributions included such cultural gems as “Cheating on your wife is A-OK!” “Raping little children is fine by me!” and “Who cares where you put your junk? As long as it feels good, it’s good for you!”

He had some rather interesting data, data that is sick and twisted when you consider how he could have possibly collected the data. A 70-year-old lady has come forward saying that he paid people to rape their children and time their reactions with stopwatches. (link) Other data that Kinsey collected is equally questionable. There is a good chance that we’ll get to see Kinsey’s notes and see how far his perversions went and how much money he paid people to abuse their bodies and other’s bodies. When such a revelation comes, are you ready to throw Kinsey on to the ash-heap of history as yet another sick mind that tried to poison humanity?

Folks, I have a feeling that when all is said and done, like so-called climate research, the so-called sexual research will be debunked as cruel and sadistic and utterly perverse. We have already seen the total debunking of so-called economic research that said putting your nation into debt and building your economy by giving power to the politicians to name the economic winners was a good idea. The vast majority of ideas that are founded in science! but contradict our moral heritage are incorrect.

I’ll state my viewpoint for the record. Sexual relationships belong only between a man and woman who are married. Any deviation from this leads to heartache and is the principle cause for the vast majority of our society’s problems. The government, society, our culture, and every business has an interest in seeing that sexual relationships remain within monogamous relationships.

I’m not stating that we need to burn the homosexuals or throw people in prison for breaking their wedding vows or fooling around before marriage. What I am saying is that we need to, individually and collectively, agree that these things are not good, just like drinking and smoking and driving too fast are not good. What laws we decide to enact to encourage people to behave in their own interests is the topic for a completely different debate.


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