White Democrat Congressman Threatens and Assaults Black Republican Congressional Candidate


This brings back memories.

If you remember how the KKK started, it was formed to intimidate blacks and republicans and especially black republicans. The KKK was a wing of the Democratic Party, which still retains some of the roots of its violent and racist past.

Representative Steny Hoyer has threatened to assault and has assaulted a black republican running for congress in his district. He’s not raising a major fuss over it, except to question the sanity of someone who assaults a marine.

More at Gateway Pundit.


4 Responses to “White Democrat Congressman Threatens and Assaults Black Republican Congressional Candidate”

  1. demo kid Says:

    Not once in that news story did it suggest that this was about race, Mentioning the KKK is not just hyperbole in this case… it\s completely unwarranted.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Of course they didn’t mention race. If word got out that a white democrat assaulted a black republican, everyone would immediately think of the KKK.

      I don’t think the relationship is unwarranted. Have you ever heard the term “wave the bloody shirt”? That’s what republicans used to do in the North to get elected. They would bring out bloody shirts from blacks and republicans in the south, bloodied by democrats, and explain that a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for more violence. In this case, I think this is a completely fair assessment. After all, democrats have a violent, racist, and bloody past.

      • demo kid Says:

        After the jump of many Dixiecrats to the Republicans and the Republicans’ Southern Strategy, comparisons to the KKK are completely incorrect. It’s a weak ploy by conservatives, nothing more. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t exactly see bimetallism in the Republican party platform.

        Likewise, what precisely about that story seemed racially motivated? Did Hoyer call him a “macaca”? Compare him to a black dog? Circulate a picture of him dressed as a witch-doctor? You certainly enjoy inventing incidents of racism… while ignoring that the Republicans are quite guilty of actual racism.

      • Jonathan Gardner Says:

        What’s a macaca, and why do you bring that up?

        Yes, I surmise that Hoyer’s actions were racially motivated, just like the racist democrats who support Obama simply because he is black.

        Republicans guilty of racism, huh? Tell me, which republican governor ordered the police to turn on the firehoses on black protestors? Which republican president screened KKK propaganda in the White House and set off a rebirth of that movement? Which republican legislator advocated that blacks don’t have the mental capacity to succeed in a modern economy and so need to be put on welfare and have free child murder provided for them? Which republican organization labels every other group or political opinion racist for the simple reason that they disagree? Which republican candidate tried to divide his district into blacks and Vietnamese and set them against each other? Which republican caucus is based on racial segregation, to the point of preventing members of the legislative body who represent a district heavily dominated by members of that race from joining because his skin was the wrong color?

        I can name a whole lot of names if you’d like, but they’d all be democrats.

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