Believing in Miracles Requires a Big Mind


Bill Whittle, in my last post, talked about the “miracle of wealth creation”. He showed how wealth is created, and how miraculous that is.

Of course, the common Atheist looks at this miraculous event that occurs billions of times a day and shrugs his should because he believes there is no miracle.

In the comments of a similar post at Big Government, one “Guest Yank” crushes that argument:

On the contrary, Jr, a much larger and stronger mind is required to believe in miracles than the smaller, weaker mind that’s unwilling (or unable) to grasp the notion. In truth, your thinking, not ours, perfectly illustrates a limited, one-dimensional, ‘small box’ intellect.

And you don’t need ‘good luck’ with faith–our Founders understood that well enough. In fact, you wouldn’t be here to mock the countless miracles that brought you to this moment if not for them and their belief in folly.

But keep comforting yourself with the delusion that you’re too cerebral for ‘all of that,’ and rest assured that you’re far more in need of ‘luck’ than we’ll ever be.

Let me compare the two more clearly for you.

One person looks at the universe in awe and says, “There is no way anyone can ever understand even a fraction of how this magnificent thing works. It is a miracle, as far as I can tell, that it even exists. There are likely many more miracles yet to be discovered. While we catalog all the natural effects of this miracle, let’s keep our minds and hearts open for more. Perhaps we may unlock miraculous things such as eternal life or a complete absolution of our incessant guilt and a state of eternal happiness.”

Another person looks at the universe and says, “I, or someone, will one day understand the universe. At that point, it will simply be another machine that has been subjugated by man’s ability to reason. There are no miracles out there, nothing wonderful that we should strive to discover or understand, just a bunch of gears and levers rubbing against each other. If you ever do see something extraordinary, just keep in mind that one day someone will figure out the “trick” behind it, so don’t get excited about it. But before that day,I’ll probably die and end up like the mounds of rotten flesh that dot the earth.”

Which would you rather be?


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