What is a Homosexual?


This seems like a stupid question, but the answer affects how you see the world.

There is an effort to divide the world into those who are homosexual and those who are not. Apparently, according to this narrative, those who are not homosexual are supposed to ostracize and hate those who are not. At least, that’s what I hear homosexual activists say.

If, one the one hand, you define a homosexual as someone who engages in homosexual acts, then you have someone who is participating in extremely dangerous behavior, psychologically but especially physically. There are a number of diseases that are transmitted through this kind of sexual activity that is not transmitted through monogamous heterosexual activity.

Rightly so, these people should feel separate and ostracized from cultures like the LDS church. No, it is not because members of the church don’t want to participate in that kind of activity or because they hate the people who do (and honestly, we don’t and no one teaches or says any such thing). It is simply because such acts are not compatible with our faith. Those who preach against our doctrine or who engage in acts that are sins according to our doctrine will, naturally, find themselves uncomfortable in our circles unless they are willing to repent of their sins and change their behavior.

There is nothing that will change this fact. Thieves, drug dealers, murderers, and child abusers all find themselves in the same boat as homosexuals who engage in homosexual acts in our church, along with adulterers and pedophiles. We strongly preach against these things, and we teach that there is no happiness in sin. Happiness can only be obtained if they completely change their behavior and world-view.

Of, on the other hand, you define homosexuals as people who have homosexual tendencies but choose not to engage in homosexual activity and even may choose to marry heterosexually and produce children, then our church has plenty of these people, and we honestly don’t care. No one will ask them what their sexual preference is, because it is irrelevant. The fact that they are tempted to evil makes them cut from the same cloth that everyone else is. The fact that they choose not to succumb to these temptations make them saints worthy of every honor. The fact that they submitted their flesh and will to God’s will means they are destined for salvation in the highest degrees of glory.

The homosexual side of the debate does a terrible job dividing the two groups. They want us to think that somehow the LDS church is discriminating against those who have homosexual tendencies, when we do not. They want us to believe that the LDS church hates those who participate in homosexual activity when we do not, and we never will.

Our doctrine is clear, and it really has nothing to do with sexual orientation or whatever other temptations anyone may have. We teach ourselves that we do not hate people because they sin differently from ourselves, and we teach ourselves that we can not help anyone out of their own sins until we first clear up our sins and then reach out in perfect love and compassion.

LDS doctrine does not distinguish between homosexual or heterosexual. I cannot find a single verse or speech from our leaders that tells us homosexuals are fundamentally different from heterosexuals. Instead, we teach that all are the same, children of God. We are all human, and we all have our own burdens to bear. We teach that no one should think they are special when it comes to temptation, because we all have to learn how to deal with it.

I do not know what more can be said on this subject, except that those who wish to learn about what our church’s doctrines and culture is can only find out from those who live in the church and live according to the doctrines.

My answer to what a homosexual is? A homosexual is a heterosexual is a human being, and it’s pointless to divide people based on their sexual preferences.


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