What is the Message of the Parties?


Nationwide, candidates from each party have busily tried to get their message out. What are those messages?

On the democratic side, it seems the message is that republicans are evil, racist, fascist pigs who shouldn’t be trusted to run the country because they had their chance and LOOK AT WHERE IT GOT US!!! No democrat has proposed any policy that I can see, at least not anything cohesive. Instead, most of the messages have been negative towards their opponents.

On the republican side, it seems the message is that we need fiscal discipline, we need to cut taxes and especially spending, we need to read the constitution and we need to cut the size of government overall. The republican message included a message that we can fix social security and medicare and our welfare programs if we can simply get the economy back on its feet by reversing the dangerous tax increases and by cleaning up the Obamacare act. The message also includes a warning about what the democrats have done to our country with their 2 years of absolute power, which has been to ignore our borders, spend every penny they can borrow, raise taxes on the businesses, and other impose mandates that no one can follow.

Now, given the above narrative, which way will you vote?


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