Google CEO Schmidt: Scientific Debate is “Criminal”


Apparently, director James Cameron and Google CEO Eric Schmidt agree: If you question so-called Climate Science, you must be a criminal.

Now, what’s really criminal is people who lie about what they have observed, people who refuse to allow people to review their data, and people who not only make predictions but control the observations to satisfy those predictions. What is really criminal is people who abuse the power of government to stomp on those people simply trying to make a living in the name of the pseudo-science called Global Warming.

Nature doesn’t hand out traffic citations. There is no court of law for violations of the natural order. When you try to behave like a scientist but refuse to adopt the scientific method and refuse to allow debate on a very important topic, the laws of human nature dictate that you are going to get in trouble. There is a high likelihood that you are actually wrong about what you think is right.

At the end of the day, as the Catholic Church found out with Galileo, stifling debate and launching ad hominem attacks does not bring anyone closer to the truth nor does it earn anyone friends or converts.

I wonder, is CEO Eric Schmidt fit to run a multi-national corporation that has access to so much of the people’s personal data? I mean, he doesn’t even allow scientific debate on important topics like whether we should shut down our entire economy. I wonder what it’s like to work for him? Does he allow people to challenge his ideas or does he simply label them “criminal”? I think it’s time the Google board review Eric Schmidt’s views on dissent and reconsider whether he should hold his high position of authority. I certainly have not been inspired to invest in his company any time soon.


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