Get Off the Vote Plantation


If you’ve been told that the Republican Party is racist, you are wrong. Republicans don’t care about the skin color of their candidates or leadership. We support people who stand for liberty, and we opposed people who stand for oppression.

I am proud to report that 14 brilliant republican candidates for office this year happen to be black. That’s just the national offices. Here in Pierce County, we have Kent Keel, who is doing a wonderful job iterating what we need for a county auditor. There is Tony Moore running in the 30th District (Federal Way) for the state senate as well, a very thoughtful and very well-educated republican.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration and Bill Clinton, along with independent-cum-democrat Charlie Christ were trying to push the democratic candidate out of the race in Florida, perhaps because of his skin color.

The Republican Party was founded on the idea that the black race wasn’t a separate race at all, but entitled to all the freedoms and liberties that whites and every other race were born with. The Republican Party pushed through legislation to shut down the KKK and oppress those who oppressed the vote in the South. Today, the Republican Party stands for liberty and independence, and encourages everyone to seize the day rather than blame their position on others.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

PS: There are a ton of women, hispanics, and asians running for office as a republican as well. I welcome all of them to the party, and hope they will all rise to leadership positions, not because of their skin color or gender, but because of their abilities and defense of freedom.


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