If You’re Going to Vote Democratic, Stay Home


Gallup just released a poll: Likely voters prefer republicans over democrats 55% to 40%. This is a bigger tsunami than 1994. There is definitely going to be an effort to repeal Obamacare. Obama would doom the Democratic Party to decades as a minority party if he doesn’t switch his stance like Bill Clinton did.

If you are a democrat, and you are planning on voting democratic this year, the only hope you have of helping your party is to stay home. Let me explain.

Right now, the democratic party obviously isn’t listening to you nor pursuing a path that will bring long-term success and shift America in the direction you’d like to see it go. If the democrats in power do not shift their stance, then you, the average democrat voter, will never have a chance of seeing your vote count.

You have to teach your party a lesson. Tell them that they were stupid for the past 2 years, and that whoever was in charge needs to be thrown out. Make the republican victory so massive that your party purges the entire top 10% of the party and reorganizes its core leadership to align itself with those who have not been idiotic.

The republicans did it for the last 6 years, and look what we have: The party has shifted focus, adopted new, popular positions, and is resonating with the voters. If the republicans in power today continue in power, they will likely see continued success.

Rush is right. Stay home, or better yet, vote republican. Teach the democrats a lesson that they will not soon forget.


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