An Issues Election


This election this year has been about issues, at least, if you’re listening only to the republicans.

Here in the Washington 9th CD, Dick Muri summarizes his campaign by explaining that when he decided to run against Adam Smith, the politicos in Washington DC suggested he’d lose unless Adam Smith would get ensnared by some kind of despicable scandal. Dick Muri’s respons was that the scandal that Adam Smith got ensnared with was his liberal voting record. And so Dick Muri’s message has been, “A vote for Adam Smith is a vote for more of the same, whereas a vote for Dick Muri is a vote for fiscal conservatism and common sense.”

That pattern isn’t unique to Dick Muri’s run for office. It is an echo of a message that has been reverberating throughout our country since President Obama revealed his real legislative agenda in late January, 2009. I don’t know of many republicans who had to bring the character and behavior of their opponents into the debate. Instead, all they’ve had to do was talk about their opponent’s record and their intent when they reach Washington DC or Olympia.

On the other hand, the democrat message has been one of mud-slinging and character assassination. Adam Smith, falling in the polls, resorted to calling Dick Muri all but the spawn of hell. I’ve seen Adam Smith try to link Dick Muri with corruption and scandals. The thing that Adam Smith wants to point to as most exemplary of Dick Muri’s corruption is the fact that he voted for a raise for the Pierce County Council. He’s also tried to make it sound like Dick Muri is running some kind of money-laundering business with the Pierce County budget, or has been in the back pockets of everyone at the same time.

It’s laughable, really, since it’s obvious there’s a whole lot of projection going on there. Where was Adam Smith when his district shouted “NO!” in no uncertain terms? He was voting “YES”. Where was Adam Smith when we wrote letters begging him to not raise taxes and not increase regulation and not support abortion with taxpayer dollars? Probably sipping tea with Nancy Pelosi and discussing ways to appear moderate while acting radically liberal.

This is probably the second real issues election of my lifetime, the first being 1994. I wish more elections were like this, with politicians discussing the issues that the American people find most important above all else. At the end of the day, if someone is a scoundrel, we’d like to know it, but we don’t want these manufactured charges or the mischaracterizations. We’d rather the politicians debated each other over what direction America should go, and whether our rights are given to us by government or God.


2 Responses to “An Issues Election”

  1. Brandon West Says:

    Hi Jonathan. I did see where Adam Smith called Muri a hypocrite, and rightly so, but haven’t see him call Muri anything else. Hyperbole much? Screaming into the microphone isn’t going to pull the rabbit out the hat that Dick’s going to need to win.

    You can take solace in the fact that Republicans will take control of the House, though.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      It was on the web advertisements he had running. I clicked on a few. They lead to pages that are now dead.

      Yes, Adam Smith did say quite a bit, and a lot was said for Adam Smith that he didn’t (or shouldn’t have) have control over.

      We will see whether the republicans attempt to bring fiscal sanity back to the federal government. I hope and pray they do everything in their power to eliminate the deficit, like they did when they were in power in 1994.

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